Map to our Offices


The OMSW office is located on the 1st floor of MSOB in the east wing. Dr. Wakefield and Ms. Farias both have offices in this location. MSOB is highlighted in red on the map above.

Dr. Smith-Coggins has two offices. Her primary office for advising appointments is located on the ground floor of the Boswell building in room A045, in green on the map above. This building is located next to the Lane library courtyard. The Office location is best found taking the escalator down from the hospital Gift Shop.  Go right toward Occupational Health. Go beyond Occupational Health, past a long counter and take a left through a door which allows you to enter the hallway going toward OB-Gyn administrative offices.  The office is the first on the right just beyond the kitchen. Students may also elect to meet Dr. Smith-Coggins at her Alway M121 office within the Division of Emergency Medicine.

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