Student Leaders

OMSW oversees the Student Wellness Leadership Team (SWLT), comprised of pre-clerkship and clerkship students who lead wellness programs for their peers. The team consists of several different committees, each focused on a different dimension of wellness (physical, emotional/spiritual, social, intellectual, professional). This group collaborates closely with the Stanford Medical Student Association Wellness Team, a group of students within the medical student governing body who also focus on promoting wellness. In 2014-2015, student wellness leaders have been instrumental in helping to plan OMSW’s major events and have also developed their own programs including reflection groups, a big sib program, and an advice guide for first-year students.


Mission & Vision

The Student Wellness Leadership Team (SWLT) are change agents within the School of Medicine, building a culture of holistic well‐being by developing initiatives that promote sense of belonging, student empowerment, and self-care. We empower medical students and the broader medical school community to reach their full potential and be bold in their commitment to self‐care and service to others.

Meet the SWLT

If you would like get involved, reach out to Paloma!

Paloma Marin Nevarez, SMS5 and SWLT President

  • E-mail:
  • Student Groups: Ears 4 Peers, SUMMA
  • Research:
  • Career Goals:  Emergency Medicine and Medical Education
  • Strategies for Maintaining Wellness in Medical School: 
  • Hobbies:

Sheun Aluko, SMS5


  • I believe that the most effective change can be made when people who are passionate about an idea are empowered with the support to make it happen.  
  • You can help with ongoing initiatives, including free yoga classes, open mic events, peer mentoring programs like Big Sib Little Sib and Ears for Peers,  Who knows how we can change Stanford Med for the better?

Annika Dries, SMS3  

  • Email:
  • Education: Graduated from Stanford University in 2014 with B.A. in Human Biology
  • Research: Clinical research for inherited cardiovascular diseases, research assistant for Undiagnosed Diseases Network, Summer Fellowship at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center researching integrative medicine therapies
  • Career Goals:  A career in academic medicine
  • Strategies for Maintaining Wellness in Medical School: Yoga, meditation, exercise outdoors, hikes, cooking, and spending time with friends and family 

Bonnie Wong, SMS5+