Faculty Oppotunities

Please see below for a list of faculty opportunities with the Office of Medical Education.

Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy: Basic Science Voting Member (Applications due March 24, 2020)

The Committee on Curriculum and Academic Policy (CCAP), a standing committee of the School of Medicine Faculty Senate, is accepting nominations for a new Basic Science Unit member of the voting electorate. CCAP is charged with developing and/or recommending policies concerning the curriculum for the MD degree program. If you are interested in serving on the committee, please apply online at CCAP Call for Voting Member: Basic Sciences (2020)  by March 24, 2020.

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Practice of Medicine Year 2 Course Director (Applications due March 27, 2020)

The Stanford School of Medicine is currently recruiting a new faculty member to serve as  Cousre Director for the Practice of Medicine (POM) Year 2 Course.  The course director oversees curriculum development, faculty development, cross-curriculum integration, student evaluation and remediation, and educational innovations in Practice of Medicine course series year 2. The course series includes INDE 204, INDE 205, and INDE 206 in the second year.

POM is a six-quarter pre-clerkship course providing clinical preparation for first- and second-year medical students and physician assistant Masters students. This longitudinal preparation is designed and intended to prepare students for clerkships.  Participation in this course will give students a foundation in health policy, medical ethics, nutrition, clinical epidemiology, behavioral medicine, nutrition, population health, information literacy, and quantitative medicine. Additionally, students will learn the basics of the medical interview, physical examination, and clinical reasoning.  During the clinical reasoning component, students will develop skills in gathering, organizing, synthesizing, interpreting, and communicating clinical information through interactive sessions. These sessions integrate closely with the basic science and pathophysiology courses.

Highly interested candidates should complete the following application:

Course Director - Year 2, Practice of Medicine  

Application Due:  Friday, March 27, 2020

Link: https://stanforduniversity.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_6SezS1RK691F2jr

For questions, please contact:

Dr. Basaviah (pree@stanford.edu), Assistant Dean of Pre-Clerkship Education

Dr. Hosamani (poonamh@stanford.edu), POM Year 1 Course Director 

Educators-4-CARE Faculty (2 positions; Applications due April 1, 2020)

We are currently recruiting two new faculty to our Educators-4-CARE Program for AY 2020-21. The Educators-4-CARE Program was established to support the enhanced development of our medical students as skilled and compassionate physicians. E4C faculty members serve as a teacher and mentor for 5-6 students from each year of medical school under a learning communities model. Each E4C faculty member will focus on their students’ acquisition and refinement of patient communication skills, clinical skills, and professionalism. Through building personal relationships that extend beyond the boundaries of the classroom and bedside settings, it is anticipated that E4C faculty will serve as mentors and role-models for their students, throughout their time at medical school.  Educators also will participate in a variety of student milestone events as well as transitional and community events at the school. 

Please visit http://med.stanford.edu/e4c/e4c-application.html for a detailed description of the job duties and functions.

Application: https://stanfordmedicine.qualtrics.com/jfe/form/SV_a4WUxPTGjhx3NPL

Deadline: April 1, 2020

Contact: Dr. Lars Osterberg (larso@stanford.edu), Director, Educators-4-CARE or Bahij Austin (bahij@stanford.edu), Assistant Dean for Curricular Affairs