3.20: Stanford Hospitals and Clinics Surgical Procedures for Medical Students

A medical student must meet all of the following conditions and criteria in order to scrub and/or participate directly in a surgical procedure.

      1. The medical student is enrolled in a clerkship program through the Stanford University School of Medicine Office of Student Affairs.
      2. Each surgical division/department is responsible for submitting the following:
        • Current updated lists of residents and medical students who will be in the SHC OR to the OR Administration.
        • Clerkship coordinators from each specialty service must submit a list of visiting students from other medical schools and documentation from each student’s home school that the student has had appropriate training and has met the requirements to scrub and participate in surgical procedures.
        • Each surgical division/department and clerkship coordinators are responsible for submitting a document that specifies the level of participation allowed for the students enrolled in the clerkship program.
      3. The students will only be allowed to participate in a surgical procedure to the level of competencies indicated in the document submitted by each clerkship.
      4. The students (both Stanford and visiting) who have permission to scrub and participate in a procedure should not wear a green cap.
      5. The lists of names and documentation to attest meeting requirements to scrub received from each surgical division/department are kept at the Control Desk.
      6. Each student must check in at the OR Control Desk on the first day in the OR.
      7. Once the student’s identity is verified and the appropriate documentation has been submitted that attests to the student’s training in scrubbing techniques, the student will receive an OR-approved sticker on his/her name badge.
      8. Students may scrub and participate in surgical cases only if he/she has an OR-approved sticker affixed on the name badge as a proof that the student underwent appropriate training in aseptic techniques.
      9. If a student’s name is not present on the list submitted by his/her respective surgical division/department, he/she will be denied presence in the OR and be dismissed until credentials are verified.


    updated August 2014

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