4.5: Required Pre-Clerkship Courses

The pre-clerkship curriculum is divided into three parts over a total of six required quarters: Foundations of Medicine (including the Early Clinical Engagement experience), Practice of Medicine, and Science of Medicine and consists of 124 (matriculating year of 2019-20) required course units.

The new Discovery Curriculum provides the opportunity to complete the required pre-clerkship curriculum at a more individualized pace. Students can complete the pre-clerkship curriculum at full pace in two years or at a decelerated pace in three years. During the first year, all medical students will compelte the required curriculum at the same pace. The second year of pre-clerkship can be completed at full pace, or prior to the Autumn Quarter of second year, students can apply to extend the required course workload over two years, allowing them to undertake more comprehensive longitudinal scholarly projects, obtain masters or other advanced degrees or change the pace of the curriculum for personal reasons.

updated December 2019