3.26: N95 Respirator Mask Fit Requirements for Medical Students

All medical students participating in clinical activities are required to be fit for a N95 Respirator on an annual basis. N95 filtering face-piece respirators are air-purifying respirators certified by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) that protect against airborne contaminants (i.e., dusts, fumes, microbial agents such as tuberculosis bacteria & flu virus). As a medical student participating in clinical activities, you may be required to wear N95 for tasks such as entering isolation rooms and other activities involving close contact with potentially infected persons.

Stanford Occupational Health Services (OHS), located in Stanford Hospital, oversees the mask fit process and per Cal/OSHA guidelines, medical students will be approved after successfully completing the following:

  1. Medical Evaluation/Clearance: to determine if users are physically fit to wear a respirator.
  2. Fit-testing: to determine which respirator/model size provides the proper fit for the user. Such fit-test is required on an annual basis. For the fit-tests, students must be clean shaven-no mustaches, beards or stubble since this will interfere with the respirator seal. Students who are not clean shaven will not be fit tested. For those students that request an exemption to the clean shaven guidelines, they will need to complete a Healthsream Training Module for CAPR. For more information regarding CAPR, please email OccHealth@stanfordhealthcare.org.  

The Office of Medical Education will coordinate the process for scheduling students for their fit-testing. Students who do not successfully complete all steps of the fit test process may not be allowed to participate in clinical activities until this is completed. 

updated August 2020