Final Grades: Clerkships

Required Clerkships
Students enrolled in required clerkships may earn a final grade of Fail, Marginal Pass, Pass or Pass with Distinction. For students who started clerkships before Period 1, 2010, the final grade of Pass with Distinction will not be reported in the Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE).

Electives, Selectives
Students on elective and selective clerkships may earn a final grade of Pass, Marginal Pass, or Fail. 

Criteria for Pass and Pass with Distinction in Required Clerkships

Criteria for Pass

  • Patient Care:
    • Student has met requirements for direct observation of clinical skills (2 documented observations per clerkship)
    • Student functions at the RIME Interpreter stage*
  • Professionalism/Interpersonal Communication:
    • No significant or consistent concerns
    • Patient logs, other assignments are complete
  • Exam score falls above clerkship passing threshold.

Criteria for Pass with Distinction
All ‘Pass’ criteria must be met AND

  • Patient Care
    • Student functions at the RIME Manager stage
  • Professionalism/Interpersonal Communication:
    • Student has gathered multisource feedback (forms requested from 1 non-MD staff member, 1 patient, 1 peer).
    • Student has demonstrated evidence of exceptional Professionalism/Interpersonal Communication.
  • Exam score falls above clerkships-specific threshold for Pass with Distinction

See the Criterion-Based Evaluation System website,, for details.

updated August 2014

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