Clerkship Performance Evaluation Appeal

Students who have questions or concerns about a performance evaluation in a clinical clerkship should contact the Clerkship Director or an Advising Dean to request a review. If a student’s disagreement remains unresolved, the student or his or her Advising Dean may request a review by the Clerkship Evaluation Committee (CEC) by contacting the CEC chair. A written request for a review must be received within eight weeks of the date that the final student performance evaluation was submitted in E*Value in order to be considered.
The CEC consists of the following members (or their designees) who will participate in each appeal or review:

  • Director of Evaluation (CEC chair)
  • Assistant Dean of Clerkship Education
  • An Advising Dean other than the appealing student’s advisor
  • A Required Clerkship Director other than the director involved in the appeal
  • One additional faculty member (not involved in clerkships or CP3)

Upon receiving a request for review, the CEC will notify the clerkship team responsible for the performance evaluation and will gather data from the student and the clerkship team. The CEC will review the final evaluation and all submitted data, gather additional information as needed, and will generally reach a decision by consensus. The student and clerkship team will be notified in writing of the final decision. The CEC will attempt to complete each appeal within 45 days of the request. The CEC decision is considered final. Students with further concerns may choose to pursue the Stanford University student academic grievance procedure:, though they should recognize the limited scope of review inherent in that procedure.

updated August 2014

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