Student Budget (Cost of Education)

For students matriculating autumn 2010-11 or after:

2013-14 MD Student Budget

For students matriculating autumn 2009-10 or earlier:
2013-14 MD Student Budget

The Standard M.D. Student Budget

The following standard expenses are included in a student's budget (dependent on year in school and housing status).

1) Tuition

Effective autumn quarter of the 2010-11 academic year, all new students (matriculating autumn 2010-11 or after) will be under the new tuition structure while returning students will be under the old/returning tuition structure (matriculated autumn 2009-10 or earlier).

2) Basic Living Expenses (food, personal)

3) Housing

4) Books

5) Medical Instruments

6) Transportation

7) Campus Health Service Fee

8) Health and Disability Insurance

Effective the 2010-11 academic year, Cardinal Care will become an annual enrollment plan (i.e. students will purchase 12 months of coverage, including summer). Students with equivalent coverage can waive Cardinal Care through Axess.

Vaden Student Health Center

Stanford University School of Medicine's Disability Insurance Policy

9) United States Medical Licensing Examination (USMLE) Fee


Other Allowable Expenses

The following expenses may be approved as additions to your basic student budget, but must be discussed prior with the Financial Aid Office. Original invoices and receipts or other proof of payment will be required. Budget adjustments based on these expenses will be made only once per quarter/academic year and will be met with loan funds.

1) Child-Care Expenses

2) Dependent Care Allowance

3) Computer & PDA Purchase

*Original receipts must be submitted within the academic year purchased.

4) Uninsured Medical, Dental, Mental Health and Optical Expenses

5) Automobile Repairs (available only for clinical students)

Non-allowable Expenses

The following expenses cannot be approved as additions to your basic student budget.

1) Relocation & Residency Expenses

2) Consumer Credit

3) Automobile Purchase

Please contact the financial aid office if you have any questions about these budget categories.


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