Basic Structure of the Scholarly Concentrations


> Bioengineering
> Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities
> Informatics & Data-Driven Medicine
> Clinical Research
> Community Health
> Health Services and Policy Research
> Molecular Basis of Medicine
> Medical Education
> Cancer Biology
> Cardiovascular & Pulmonary
> Immunology
> Global Health
> Neuroscience, Behavior, and Cognition
> Women's Health & Sex Differences
Each SC is interdepartmental and stretches across campus to incorporate different faculty and courses. The program is supported administratively by the Office of Medical Student Research and Scholarship (OMSRS) in the Office of Student Affairs (OSA). Students receive direct guidance regarding their scholarly projects from their Faculty Project Advisors, and assistance with regards to how the SC fits with their overall academic progress and career goals.

The overall program is supported primarily by OMSRS and the Scholarly Concentration Directors. These two groups have frequent contact with medical students and with each other.

A second and equally important level of student support includes two major direct advisors:

  1. The student's Project or Research Advisor

  2. The student's Advising Dean, who provides overall academic/career guidance







organization chart


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