Steps Along the Scholarly Concentrations Path


> Bioengineering
> Biomedical Ethics and Medical Humanities
> Informatics & Data-Driven Medicine
> Clinical Research
> Community Health
> Health Services and Policy Research
> Molecular Basis of Medicine
> Medical Education
> Cancer Biology
> Cardiovascular & Pulmonary
> Immunology
> Global Health
> Neuroscience, Behavior, and Cognition
> Women's Health & Sex Differences

Explore Concentration Opportunities

During the first year, students are encouraged to explore and compare the palette of Scholarly Concentrations by:

The exploration phase includes a comparison of the academic appeal of different foundation and application areas.


Map the Concentration

By examining the course requirement layout and the opportunities for research within a concentration of interest, students create a map of how they would like to incorporate their concentration into the standard core and clerkship schedule. This is particularly valuable for students intending to complete medical school in four years. Key courses may be taken the first spring quarter, and the summer after the first year can be used for independent scholarship. Each student situation is unique and SC Directors are willing to consider other paths tailored by their students.

Students planning a five-year curriculum have the opportunity to adjust core class or clerkship schedules to accommodate more SC pursuits. Five-year students who decide to do one year of full-time research can take SC classes up to three units at the same time as pursuing this research, as long as this is pre-approved by the research mentor and MedScholars Program Coordinator. Five-year students should meet with SC Directors and Advising Deans to craft a plan to allow successful completion of course, clerkship, and research requirements.

Declare a Concentration

Each student must declare a Scholarly Concentration along with a course plan and general project description. It is recommended that four-year students declare by June 1 of the first year. All students must declare by September 1 of the second year.

Basic declaration steps:

  1. Select one of the existing foundation areas or design one independently.

  2. Select an application area, if applicable.
  3. Define general course plan, scholarship goals, and learning objectives.

  4. Determine how the learning plan (aka "course plan") will be completed over a four- or five-year period.

  5. Fill out the Scholarly Concentration Online Declaration Form (NEW!); including a course plan, learning objectives, and a general description of the intended scholarship. STUDENT INSTRUCTIONS!

  6. Submit the online form, which will be approved by your mentor and SC Director(s).

The course plan, scholarly project idea, and learning objectives statements,serve as a base line (or "memo of understanding") for discussion between the student and Scholarly Concentration Director.

Students who arrived in August, 2013 - your SC Declaration process will open on April 1st. You must declare no later than September 1, 2014!


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