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Funding Resources for Research
and Travel

There are two funding streams for medical student research within the Scholarly Concentrations: the Stanford Medical Scholars Endowment and outside funding.

Stanford Medical Scholars Endowment (MedScholars)

The Stanford Medical Scholars Endowment provides financial support for medical student research done under the sponsorship of Stanford faculty. To be eligible for funding from this endowment, students must propose to conduct biomedical research in an academic setting under the direction of faculty members at Stanford University. Research sponsored by individuals outside the Stanford community also may be supported with joint oversight by Stanford faculty. Students apply for funding from this endowment using an online application; this is followed by an interview with a faculty member. The decision whether or not to fund is then made by the Committee on Medical Student Scholarship. Students are eligible to apply for Medical Scholars awards in three different areas covering six full-time quarters during their tenure at Stanford.

Outside Funding Resources

In addition to Medical Scholars funding, external funding sources are available. A compilation of some opportunities are highlighted in a binder in the medical student cubicle in OSA. Some of these provide additional research allowance for supplies and equipment (e.g., HHMI), while others offer more flexibility than traditional Medical Scholars Funding (e.g., allowing a student to do research in an outside lab without sponsorship of a Stanford faculty member). Often, students can apply using a prior Medical Scholars application as a template.

Types of funding include:

Funding Resources for Students Presenting Research at Conferences

There is limited funding from the Scholarly Concentrations to help fund MD students who are presenting at off-campus meetings or conferences.

Funding approval is on a rolling basis until the money is depleted, and students are only eligible once per academic year. In most cases this funding is for projects done after matriculating at Stanford.

Students will receive official approval of the amount of funding (typically up to $500) and how to apply for the reimbursement, after completing the request form and providing requested documentation, including:

  1. Mentor letter of support and assistance
  2. Invitation to present from the organization

Please note that this is a reimbursement - you must be prepared to pay for your travel up front and will receive reimbursement after travel is completed and all receipts, boarding passes, etc. are submitted. After travel, for reimbursement, you will also need to attach the completed Student Certification form.

Scholarly Concentration Presentation Travel Funding Request Form

Additional funding may be available from SMSA. Please consult the SMSA website for more information.


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