Our Educational Mission

To prepare physicians who will provide outstanding, patient-centered care and to inspire future leaders who will improve world health through scholarship and innovation.


The Stanford MD curriculum integrates basic science and clinical experience with in-depth study and independent research throughout the years of medical school. Other major themes of the new curriculum include:

  • Integration

    • Streamlined content and optimized course sequence
    • Melding of basic science and clinical concepts throughout the curriculum
  • Individual Opportunities

    • Blocks of unscheduled time for individual or group study, elective coursework, and research
    • Option of a fifth or sixth year of study and opportunities for earning joint degrees
  • Scholarly Concentrations

    • Area of academic focus, or "major," designed to ground the student's education in an area of passionate interest
    • Enhance student satisfaction with the study of medicine and foster a lifelong commitment to investigation and cross-disciplinary thinking
  • Strengthening of Doctor-Patient Communication and Clinical Skills Instruction
    • Broad clinical science education in the first two years with early exposure to patient care and the practice of medicine
    • Early entry into clinical clerkships
    • Broader emphasis on doctor-patient communication, ethics, and the art of medicine

Curriculum Schematic

The schematic provides a visual overview of the five program blocks that make up the MD curriculum, and how they interact.

Graduation Requirements

The specifications of requirements for graduation with the MD degree are available here.

Scholarly Concentrations

The Scholarly Concentration is a required, structured program of study -- akin to a "major" -- designed to ground each student's education in an area of passionate interest.


Each incoming medical student is matched with an Educator-4-CARE faculty, who will serve as a teacher, mentor and colleague for the duration of the student’s time at Stanford. 

Policies & Requirements