School of Medicine Registrar's Office MD Program Graduation Tips

Check MD Degree Requirements

  • The SoM Registrar’s Office contacts MD Program students who are getting ready to graduate. Look for email messages regarding your graduation status and any steps needed prior to being able to graduate.  
  • Check your MD Academic Progress in the MEP Student Records system

Registration Reminders

  • Registration (in courses or Graduation Quarter status) is required for the term in which a student plans to graduate.
  • Graduation Quarter status ($150 tuition) is a special registration status for students who have completed all degree requirements and met all eligibility requirements.  Review the information provided on the SoM Registrar’s Office Graduation Quarter Eligibility webpage to take necessary steps before deadlines.
    • Graduation Quarter status is not eligible for Financial Aid
  • Apply to Graduate through Axess prior to the application to graduate quarterly deadline.

Official Transcripts

  • Final Official Transcripts will be updated with degree conferral date by 5:00pm on Monday, June 14, 2021. The degree conferral date will be listed as June 13, 2021. Electronic transcripts can be ordered through Axess.
  • Electronic delivery via email is the quickest way to have a copy of your official transcript sent to a designated recipient: 
    1. Log on to Axess then go to the Student tab
    2. From the Academics section drop down menu, select “Request Official Transcript”
    3. Select Transcript Type – Electronic Transcript (sent within 15 minutes) and input needed delivery details

Paper Diploma Delivery

  • When you apply to graduate in Axess, you will be asked to inform the Office of the University Registrar how you wish to receive your diploma. You can change your diploma distribution choice in Axess up until two weeks before degree conferral. Methods for obtaining your diploma:
  • For 2021 graduates, the quickest way to receive your paper diploma is to change your diploma distribution in Axess to “mail” using the instructions available at How to Receive Your Diploma by Mail
    • The deadline to change diploma distribution to “mail” is TBD.
    • Diplomas will be mailed starting the week of TBD
    • If you have selected a different diploma distribution such as “pick up” or “attend ceremony,” your diploma will not be available until Stanford University central offices re-open. 
    • If you do not request the change before the deadline, you can request the change in Axess through the Alumni tab change. See instructions at How to Receive Your Diploma by Mail.


Electronic Diplomas

  • The University Registrar’s office will provide medical students with Certified Electronic Diplomas (2021 date is TBD). To access your electronic diploma after they become available, follow the instructions for accessing MyLocker at Stanford CeDiploma.


Residency Program Reminders

Many graduating students who are planning to continue their training through a residency program will be asked to have documents completed by school officials as part of their on-boarding process. Plan accordingly for residency program on-boarding deadlines. Residency Programs commonly will require verification of pending graduation as well as certification of MD degree conferral.

The associated residency program coordinator should be able to let you know what they will accept as official verification of your pending graduation during the time you’re waiting for your final official transcript and diploma to become available.

  • The SoM Registrar’s Office will assist with processing residency program on-boarding verifications and state licensure forms as needed. Use the Registrar’s Office Document Request Form to submit your request.
    • For interim verifications, a Letter of Good Standing can be requested to cover your current status as a student in good standing along with matriculation and pending graduation dates.
    • If a state licensure form is required, be sure to complete any student/alum required section(s) and submit the form as an attachment to your online document request form. Alternatively, you can send forms as attachments to email to with “Secure:” included in the subject line.
    • Residency program forms for MD program verification can also be submitted as an attachment using the document request form.


For students attending a residency program, be sure to plan for the following:

  • Stanford’s MD degree conferral for Spring Quarter occurs in mid-June (see Academic Calendar for exact date). Many Residency Programs will expect you to start their orientation and complete on-boarding paperwork before or at about the same time as Stanford’s graduation ceremony activities.
  • Final official transcripts are only available after the applicable quarter’s degree conferral date. The University degree conferral is not finalized until the conferral date.
  • Diplomas are not available until after the official degree conferral date.
  • The University Registrar and the SoM Registrar do not have access to a copy of your diploma. You must scan, take a photo, or request an electronic copy of your diploma and submit it to the SoM Registrar when requesting a certified copy for residency or state licensing applications.