Department Events

Science Friday

Bi-weekly presentations of research-in-progress by postdocs and graduate students, followed by discussion, socializing and refreshments. Open to department and courtesy faculty lab members.

2017-2018 Schedule

Date Presenting Lab Host Lab
10/20/2017 Madison Madison
11/3/2017 Pruitt Madison
11/17/2017 Scherrer Pruitt
12/1/2017 Kobilka Scherrer
1/19/2018 Nelson Kobilka
2/2/2018 Madison Huguenard
2/16/2018 Sudhof Feng
3/2/2018 Weis Sudhof
3/16/2018 Brunger Weis
3/30/2018 Lewis Brunger
4/13/2018 Goodman Lewis
4/27/2018 Maduke Goodman
5/11/2018 O'Brien Maduke
5/25/2018 Ricci O'Brien
6/8/2018 Garcia Ricci
6/22/2018 Chu

Annual Department Scientific Retreat

The department hosts an annual retreat for department members with research presentations by all lab groups. There's also time for fun.