Data Management

Scan Tracking

For every scan you do (subject or phantom), please fill out the scan tracking log found here: mcnab_lab_scan_tracking

Project Names Input on Scanner Console

Subject Names should not be input to the scanner console.

On the console under "Patient ID": input the first initial and last name of the person conducting the scan (e.g. Q.Tian).

On the console under "Name": Create a name for a given project (e.g. cortical_diff) and then append the subject (or phantom) number (e.g. cortical_diff_S01).

Storing Your Data

On our local compute server use your data folder located at : /data/username


Within your data folder create a separate folder for each project name (use as many different projects as you think you need to keep things organized). The project name should be the same as the one that was input on the scanner console (e.g. corDiff).


Within each "project" folder, create a separate folder for each scan that includes the date of the scan (YYYYMMDD), the scanner the data was acquired, the project name and the subject/phantom number.


For example:




Within each "project" folder you should also create a separate "scripts" folder for the scripts you will use to analyze the data within that project.


Within each scan folder, create a "dcm" folder to hold your dicom images, a "nii" folder to hold your nifti files and if needed a "pfiles" folder to hold your raw data.


The flow-chart below displays this naming structure.