Cortical Diffusion Imaging

Diffusion anisotropy measurements are most commonly exploited for the purpose of mapping white matter structural connections. At conventional diffusion MRI resolutions (8-27 mm3 voxels) grey matter (GM) does not exhibit a coherent pattern of diffusion anisotropy. Only recently, as diffusion studies have started to push to higher spatial resolutions, have cerebral cortical GM diffusion anisotropy patterns have been revealed in the mature human brain.

These preliminary data depicting coherent patterns of diffusion anisotropy in the cerebral cortex demonstrate that although the fibers patterns in the cortex are extremely complex, when averaging across an MRI voxel volume, there are two diffusion orientations that dominate: perpendicular and parallel to the orientation of the cortical surface. This observation is in agreement with what is known from classical histology-based cortical architectonics. Cell bodies at different cortical depths are connected to form distinct functional columnar units (perpendicular to the cortical surface) and axons and dendrites also spread tangential (parallel) to the cortical surface along the cortical laminae (e.g. the inner and outer stripes of Baillarger).

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