Journal Papers


Long-range wiring patterns and molecular signatures of prefrontal circuits mediating positive and negative experience.

Ye L., Allen W.E., Thompson K.R., Tian Q., Hsueh B., Ramakrishnan C., Wang A-C., Jennings J., Adhikari A., Witten I.B., Barth A.L., Luo L., Halpern C.H., McNab J.A., Deisseroth K.

Cell, 2016, 165:1-13.


In vivo characterization of axonal damage in multiple sclerosis using high-gradient diffusion magnetic resonance imaging

Huang S.Y., Tobyne S.M., Nummenmaa A., Witzel T., Wald L.L., McNab J.A., Klawiter E.C.

Radiology, doi: 10.1148/radiol.2016151582.


Improved k-t FASTER using Radial-Cartesian Trajectories and Coil Sensitivity Encoding

Chiew M., Graedel N.N., McNab J.A., Smith S.M., Miller K.L.

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2016, doi:10.1002/mrm.26079.


Q-space Truncation and sampling diffusion spectrum imaging

Tian Q., Rokem A., Folkerth R.D., Edlow B.L., McNab J.A.

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2016, doi: 10.1002/mrm.26071.  


The Structural Connectome of the Human Central Homeostatic Network

Edlow B.L.*, McNab J.A.*, Witzel T., Kinney H.C.

Brain Connectivity, 2015, doi:10.1089/brain.2015.0378. *Co-First author


In Vivo Mapping of Human Spinal Cord Microstructure at 300 mT/m

Duval T, McNab JA, Setsompop K, Witzel T, Schneider T, Huang SY, Keil B, Klawiter EC, Wald LL, Cohen-Adad J

NeuroImage, 2015, 118:494-507.


The Impact of Gradient Strength on In Vivo Diffusion MRI Estimates of Axon Diameter

Huang SY, Nummenmaa A, Witzel T, Duval T, Cohen-Adad J, Wald LL, McNab JA

NeuroImage, 2015, 106:464-72. 


Targeting of White Matter Tracts with Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation

Nummenmaa A, McNab JA, Savadjiev P, Okada Y, Hamalainen MS, Wang R, Wald LL, Pascual-Leone A, Wedeen VJ, Raij T

Brain Stimulation, 2014, 7:80-84.


The Human Connectome Project and Beyond: Initial Applications of 300mT/m Gradients

McNab JA*, Edlow BL*, Witzel T, Huang SY, Bhat H, Heberlein K, Feiweier T, Liu K, Keil B, Cohen-Adad J, Tisdall MD, Folkerth RD, Kinney HC, Wald LL

NeuroImage, 2013, 80:234-45. *Co-First author.


Pushing the Limits of In Vivo Diffusion MRI for the Human Connectome Project

Setsompop K, Kimmlingen R, Eberlein E, Witzel T, Cohen-Adad J, McNab JA, Keil B, Tisdall MD, Hoecht P, Dietz P, Cauley SF, Tountcheva V, Matschl V, Lenz VH, Heberlein K, Potthast A, Thein H, Van Horn J, Toga A, Schmitt F, Lehne D, Rosen BR, Wedeen V, Wald LL

NeuroImage, 2013, 80:220-33.


A 22-channel Receive Array with Helmholtz transmit Coil for Anesthetized Macaque MRI at 3T

Janssens T, Keil B, Serano P, Mareyan A, McNab JA, Wald LL, Vanduffel W
NMR Biomedicine, 2013, 11:1431-40.


Surface Based Analysis of Diffusion Orientation for In Vivo Human Cortical Architectonics

McNab JA, Polimeni JR, Wang R, Augustinack JC, Fujimoto K, Stevens AA, Janssens T, Farivar R, Folkerth RD, Vanduffel W, Wald LL

Neuroimage, 2013, 69:87-100.


An Implanted 8-channel Array Coil for High-resolution Macaque MRI at 3T

Janssens T, Keil B, Farivar R, McNab JA, Polimeni JR, Gerits A, Arsenault JT, Wald LL, Vanduffel W

Neuroimage, 2012, 62(3):1529-36.


A Combined Post-mortem MRI and Quantitative Histological Study of Multiple Sclerosis Pathology

Kolasinski J, Stagg CJ, Chance SA, Deluca GC, Esiri MM, Change EH, Palace JA, McNab JA, Jenkinson M, Miller KL, Johansen-Berg H

Brain, 2012, 135(10):2938-51 .


T2* Mapping and B0 Orientation-dependence at 7T Can Reveal Cyto- and Myeloarchitecture Features in the Human Cortex

Cohen-Adad J, Polimeni JR, Helmer KG, Benner T, McNab JA, Wald LL, Rosen BR, Mainero C

NeuroImage, 2012, 60(2):1006-1014.


Diffusion Tractography of Post-mortem Human Brains: A Comparison of Spin Echo and Steady-State Free Precession Techniques

Miller KL, McNab JA, Jbabdi S, Douaud G

NeuroImage, 2012, 59(3):2284-2297.


Size-optimized 32-channel Brain Arrays for 3T Pediatric Imaging

Keil B, Alagappan V, Mareyam A, McNab JA, Fujimoto K, Tountcheva V, Triantafyllou C, Dilks DD, Kanwisher N, Lin W, Grant PE, Wald LL

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2011, 66(6):1777-1187.


Diffusion Imaging of Whole, Post-mortem Human Brains on a Clinical 3T Scanner

Miller KL, Stagg C, Douaud G, Jbabdi S, Chance S, Esiri M, Voets NL, Jenkinson N, Aziz TZ, Jenkinson M, Smith SM, Johansen-Berg H, McNab JA

NeuroImage, 2011, 57(1):167-181.


Steady-state Diffusion-weighted imaging: Theory, Acquisition and Analysis

McNab JA, Miller KL

NMR in Biomedicine, 2010, 23(7):781-93.


3D Steady-State Diffusion-Weighted Imaging with Trajectory Using Radially Batched Internal Navigator Echoes (TURBINE)

McNab JA, Gallichan D, Miller KL

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2010, 63(1):235-42.


Reduced Limbic Connections May Contraindicate Subgenual Cingulate Deep Brain Stimulation for Intractable Depression

McNab JA, Voets NL, Jenkinson N, Squier W, Miller KL, Goodwin GM, Aziz TZ

Journal of Neurosurgery, 2009, 111(4):780-4.


High Resolution Diffusion Weighted Imaging in Fixed Human Brain Using Diffusion Weighted Steady State Free Precession

McNab JA, Jbabdi S, Deoni SCL, Douaud G, Behrens TEJ, Miller KL

NeuroImage, 2009, 46(3):775-785.


Cortical and Subcortical Connections within the Pedunculopontine Nucleus of the Primate Macaca Mulatta Determined using Probabilistic Diffusion Tractography

Aravamuthan BR, McNab JA, Miller KL, Rushworth M, Jenkinson N, Stein JF, Aziz TZ

Journal of Clinical Neuroscience, 2009, 16(3):413-420.


Sensitivity of Diffusion-weighted Steady-state Free Precession to Diffusion Anisotropy

McNab JA, Miller KL

Magnetic Resonance in Medicine, 2008, 60(2):405-413.


Quantitative Short Echo-Time 1H LASER-CSI in Human Brain at 4T

McNab JA, Bartha R

NMR in Biomedicine, 2006, 19(8):999-1009.


Tissue Oxygen Tension Measurements in the Shionogi Model of Prostate Cancer using 19F MRS and MRI

McNab JA, Yung A, Kozlowski P

Magnetic Resonance Materials in Physics Biology and Medicine, 2004, 17(3-6):288-95.