"I am extremely grateful for the support from Additional Ventures and MCHRI, which will allow us to carry out an exploratory high risk, high reward project that would have been very difficult to fund through traditional mechanisms.  Our project will develop a mechanical device to drive favorable ventricular growth in patients with single ventricle congenital heart defects.  Our hope is to ultimately identify novel functional cures for this complex and high-risk patient population."

Alison Marsden, PhD
Associate Professor, Pediatric (Cardiology); Bioengineering

22q11 Neuropsychiatry Research Program

The MCHRI Additional Ventures Single Ventricle Innovation Research Program aims to promote truly innovative research to treat and functionally cure single ventricle heart disease. Learn more.

Single Ventricle Disease Research Program

The MCHRI Uytengsu-Hamilton 22q11 Neuropsychiatry Research Program aims to promote research to improve the neurocognitive outcomes and behavioral symptoms of 22q11.2 Deletion Syndrome with immediate (within 5 years) and long-term impact. Learn more.