Funding Calendar

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Postdoctoral Support Sep. 3, Mar. 2 Up to $80K / Yr.  (1.5 yrs.) Postdoctoral Fellows (PhD)
Pilot Grants Oct. 1, Apr. 1 $35K Instructors & Above
Clinician Educator Oct. 1, Apr. 1 $35K Clinical Instructors & Above
Faculty Scholars LOI: Mar. 11
Proposal: Jun. 1
$100K / Yr. (3 to 5 Yrs.) Assistant & Associate Professors
Transdisciplinary Initiatives LOI: Jan. 13
Proposal: Apr. 8

$100K / Yr. (2 Yrs.)

2 Faculty with Primary Appointments in Different Schools

Bridge Support

Sep. 16, Jan. 15, May 18

$100K (50/50 split with department)

Assistant Prof. & Above

Clinical (MD) Trainee

Feb. 3

Up to 100% Salary/ Benefits for 2 Yrs.

MD (Clinical) Fellows

Instructor K Award Support

Sep. 12, Jan. 15, May 18

$50K/Yr. for up to 2 Yrs. (50/50 split with department)

Instructors (on NIH K Award)

MS Tuition

Feb. 3

Up to $30K / Yr. (2 Yrs.)

MD (Clinical) Fellows, Instructors & Assistant Professors

Other Sponsored Programs

SPARK, SIMs (CVI, ITI, Stem Cell Institute, Cancer), Global Child Health, Diabetes Research Center, UDN, Eureka Translational Medicine, Stanford Biodesign Faculty Fellowship, etc.

*Deadlines listed shift to the next business day if they fall on a weekend or holiday

Funding Timeline