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If the research requires lab services through the Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Stanford, you must provide the IRB letter of approval, a completed clinical lab study protocol form, and detailed processing instructions prior to the start of the study set-up.

A study requisition form will be given to you once the lab obtains the IRB letter of approval, the study protocol form, and after specimen processing has been reviewed and approved in the lab.

Please read the following information for lab requests:

For new study set up, please send the following information:

  • Provide the IRB letter of approval letter
  • Create a workbook to obtain a study account through Spectrum:
    • The lab does not bill under PTA or SPO. You must obtain the study account before the clinical trial begins.
    • Without the study account, participants will be billed for any lab services provided. It is the research coordinator’s responsibility to reverse such charges and to bill them into the appropriate account.
    • Without the study account, the lab cannot draw and/or collect, accept and process the research samples.

Provide the processing instructions for review if there’s a kit that requires special handling (i.e. specimen processing, shipping, etc.):

  • This is to ensure the lab will be able to accommodate the requirements for the research.
  • Be sure to clarify any questions that the lab might have before the start of the study.
  • For other tests and specimen information, please visit the lab web guide at

Fill out the Clinical Lab Study protocol form – see attachment.

  • Include the account number (You will receive the account number after completing the workbook. This account number should start with 98 for SHC participants or client mnemonic for pediatric subjects).
  • For pediatric research account setup, please contact Sydney Piaia at    
  • Indicate the specific lab services and/or test needed for the study

Supplies must be provided for study kits.

  • Research coordinators must provide supplies to collect and process the specimens (i.e., pre-labeled collection and aliquot tubes, shipping boxes, air bills, etc.) 
    • Please note, the lab does not store any study supplies therefore these must be given upon specimen collection.

A study requisition will be created.

  • This will be given to you once the lab obtains the IRB letter of approval, clinical lab study protocol form, and once the specimen processing has been reviewed and approved.
  • The form will be used as an order for the lab to process and/or collect the samples. Therefore, the above-requested documents and information must be submitted to the lab before they can accept and process research specimens. 

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