Faculty Advisors

The Director of the Scholarly Concentration in MBM will maintain an up to date, searchable listing of faculty sponsors and their areas of research, along with the number of openings for students in the research line who can be accommodated in the particular year.

Faculty in the Basic Biomedical Sciences at Stanford University School of Medicine and in the Department of Biological Sciences at the University are invited to list themselves as potential sponsors. Faculty from other departments throughout the university can also serve as mentors, whenever appropriate.

Faculty may list themselves under more than one focus area within the Foundation Area, as appropriate to their research interests.

The following faculty serve as the Steering Committee and Research Review Committee:

Director and Chair
James Chen, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Chemical & Systems Biology


  • Jeffrey Axelrod, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor
    Department of Pathology
  • Howard Chang, MD, PhD
    Associate Professor
  • James Ferrell, MD, PhD
    Department of Molecular Pharmacology