Lucas Center Operating Procedures for Phased Restart

COVID-19 Updates for Research Scanning

Research MRI Scanning Phase 2:


Stanford is cautiously restarting research in a phased approach, and has approved the scanning of phantoms and, beginning June 10 2020, a pilot study of human subjects under limited conditions, namely, the operator and participant must be members of the same lab.  All users will have to have Stanford-mandated approval from their department, and are required to abide by Lucas Center policies provided here.  Investigators must supply their own PPE, which includes masks, and for scanning humans, a face shield.  As before the Center will supply gloves when scanning humans. Handwashing hygiene, social distancing and other regimens described in the documentation must be strictly adhered to in the Center.  Safety of all persons is the topmost priority, which entails detailed attention to disinfection/cleaning.

Addendum: Starting July 15, 2020:  You are allowed to scan Stanford affiliates (e.g. staff, trainees, faculty) who are approved to come to the main Stanford campus.  Please see other details below and note the Lucas SOP below.

Before scheduling scans, the users must

    1.  Obtain approval for research restart from home department (Stanford-mandated);

    2.  Read and follow the Lucas Center SOPs;

    3.  Have Personal Protective Equipment.

The following are reference documents.

Standard Operating Procedures

    SOP:  Scanning Phantoms  (PDF)

    SOP: Scanning Stanford Affiliates  (PDF)

    SOP: Animals  (PDF)

Face Shield

For scanning humans, the operator  is required to wear a face shield when placing the participant in the magnet, because social distancing is violated. The shields are inexpensive and reusable, but should not be shared across operators.  Suggested Face Shield 

Anticipated Phase 2 instructions:

COVID-19 Screening/attestation form

Non-contact thermometer instructions