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The Lin Lab is growing!

A postdoctoral position is available to develop voltage indicators, create optically regulated proteins, or study protein synthesis during synaptic plasticity. Interested applicants may contact Dr. Lin.

Graduate students interested in the topics of protein engineering, spatiotemporal control of signaling networks, and optogenetic control elements are welcome to inquire.


Dr. Michael Z. Lin, Principal Investigator 

269 Campus Drive, CCSR 2115

Stanford, CA 94305-5163    

Phone: (650)721-1681

Administrative Office

Lori J. Bates, Administrative Associate

299 Campus Drive, Fairchild D200

Stanford, CA 94305-5125

Phone: (650) 736-9356


Yunwen Huo, Lab Manager

269 Campus Drive, CCSR 2100

Stanford, CA 94305-5163

Phone: (650)723-2874


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