The Leeper laboratory studies the vascular biology of atherosclerosis and aneurysm disease.  We are interested in the molecular mechanisms that mediate vascular disease, and developing new translational therapies directed against them.  Our group uses a combination of hypothesis-free genetic approaches, favoring the concept that insights generated in this manner are likely to have relevance to human disease.  Currently, our major focus is on the chromosome 9p21 locus, which is widely recognized as the most important heritable cardiovascular locus identified through genome-wide association studies (GWAS).   We seek to fully explain how this locus - which affects over 20% of the population - potentiates coronary disease, stroke and aneurysms, and does so independently of all classical risk factors.   Our group pursues the goal of true ‘bench-to-bedside’ translation, and includes a basic genetics, molecular biology and mouse model team, as well as a translational Vascular Medicine team which performs early-phase clinical research.  Ultimately, we seek to develop a platform of new therapies directed against atherosclerosis, which is now the leading killer worldwide. 


Vascular Surgery/CVI UTL Faculty

The Department of Surgery, Division of Vascular Surgery and the Cardiovascular Institute seek a faculty member in the University Tenure Line (UTL) at the Assistant or Associate Professor level. Clinical effort may or may not be required for the candidate, based on their professional training and career focus.

Candidates with expertise in all facets of biomedical research (discovery, translational and/or clinical science) are encouraged to apply.

This faculty billet will be split between the Division of Vascular Surgery and the Cardiovascular Institute (CVI; cvi.stanford.edu). This joint appointment has been proposed to provide the successful candidate with seamless access to the robust infrastructure of both groups and enhance the collaborations that already exist between the Division of Vascular Surgery and the Cardiovascular Institute.

News, Events, & Team Milestones

Publication in Nature

Experimental anticancer drug may tackle heart disease, too.  

Transatlantic Sync

Congratulations to post-doctoral fellow Pavlos Tsantilas for helping organize the 2019 Transatlantic-Sync at the Computer History Museum in Silicon Valley.  Pavlos did a fantastic job on stage with Dean Lloyd Minor, Gottfried Ludewig, Beth Rogozinski and Peter Schardt where they discussed digital health initiatives for the future.

Leeper Lab Alumnus Opens Lab

Congratulations to Leeper Lab alumnus Kevin Nead, MD for starting his independent lab at MD Anderson.  Looking forward to amazing things from Kevin and his team!

Young Talent Award

Congratulations to outstanding post-doc Ying Wang for receiving a ‘Young Talent’ award from the Fondation Leducq to study the role of somatic mutations and epigenetic modifications in vascular smooth muscle cells during atherogenesis.

White Coat Ceremony

Congrats to former Leeper lab member and Firestone Award winner, Sophia Xiao, on her white coat ceremony and starting medical school at UCSD!