Liason Committe on
Medical Education

LCME Accreditation 2013-2014

Site Visit - October 20-23, 2013

Welcome Message From Dean Lloyd B. Minor

I am honored to have recently joined Stanford University as Dean of the School of Medicine. As I learn more about the School, I am continually amazed with the caliber of our faculty, students, and staff. Our medical education program is regarded as one of the top programs in the nation, and I look forward to continuing to build on our excellence. In October 2013, our medical education program will host a site visit from the Liaison Committee on Medical Education (LCME), the national accrediting body for educational programs leading to the M.D. Degree in the United States and Canada. A successful accreditation is critical to the School of Medicine and the University, and is among the highest priorities for the School of Medicine over the next year.


The process leading up to our LCME accreditation site visit is officially underway, and involves a comprehensive data collection effort, an institutional self-study, and an independent student analysis. These activities will help us identify the strengths and challenges of our educational program, and will culminate in an on-site review by an LCME survey team on October 20–23, 2013.

Currently, many of our faculty, trainees, staff, and clinical partners are actively engaged in our institutional self-study. The process is designed to provide an important opportunity for members of our diverse community to engage in thoughtful dialogue about our ongoing efforts to improve the quality of our M.D. educational program and assure compliance with the LCME accreditation standards. Through our self-study, we will identify and address areas in need of improvement, celebrate our strengths and accomplishments, and build on our history of continuous innovation and improvement. I am pleased to have the opportunity to engage in this dialogue as we design the future direction of the School of Medicine.

In addition to our institutional self-study, our students are currently engaged in a parallel independent student analysis, the results of which will be incorporated in our LCME review and plans for the future. I have always known that the students at Stanford are leaders, and I now have the opportunity to witness this first-hand. The leadership our student body has demonstrated with their analysis is remarkable, and I look forward to incorporating their unique perspective in our future plans.

I want to thank all of you who are contributing your time, thoughts, and ideas to this important process. Your commitment and dedication throughout this process will ensure our continued excellence and leadership in medical education.

We have established this website to keep the entire Stanford Medicine community updated throughout the LCME accreditation process, and I encourage you to visit the site frequently. The involvement and support of all of us is essential to a successful outcome.

I look forward to working together and thank you in advance for your support in moving this important project along.

Lloyd B. Minor
Carl and Elizabeth Naumann Dean, Stanford University School of Medicine





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