Regulatory Affairs Personnel

Helen Segal, PhD

Regulatory Affairs Specialist


ScB (with honors), Brown University (2010)

PhD, California Institute of Technology (2016)

Helen works as a regulatory affairs specialist, supporting development and submission of regulatory documents for gene and cell therapy products manufactured at the LCGM. Helen has been developing downstream processes for purification of biomolecules for 8 years. Previously, at the Stanford LCGM, she led the development of downstream purification processes for viral vectors used in gene therapy applications.


Segal HM, Spatzal T, Hill MG, Udit AK, Rees DC. (2017) Electrochemical and structural characterization of Azotobacter vinelandii flavodoxin II. Protein Science. 26(10), 1984-1993.

Grodick MA, Segal HM, Zwang TJ, Barton JK. (2014) DNA-mediated signaling by proteins with 4Fe-4S clusters is necessary for genomic integrity. J Am Chem Soc. 136(17), 6470-6478.