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Ronald Levy Lab In the Division of Oncology

Current Levy Lab Members

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Lab Director  
Ronald Levy, M.D.  
Post Doctoral Fellows  
Michael Green, PhD Modeling the Role of Differentiation in Cancer Progression Project 3: Modeling the Role of Differentiation in
Follicular Lymphoma
Holbrook Kohrt Augmenting anticancer antibody therapies through selective activation of NK cells
Aurelien Marabelle Mechanisms of immuno tolerance in the vicinity of
lymphoma tumors
Patrick Ng, PhD Production of novel recombinant protein vaccines in cell-free systems
Kacey Layn Sachen, BS BS Identification of human B cell lymphoma idiotype ligands
James Torchia, BS Lymphoma tumor antigens targeted by immunotherapy
Research Assistants  
Debra Czerwinski Flow Cytometry and Immune Assays
Behnaz Taidi Hybridomas
Ranjani Rajapaksa, PhD Retroviral Transduction and Flow Cytometry
Lymphoma Program Regulatory Specialist
Lori Ann Richards  
Clinical Research Assistants
Emily Troutner  
Data Manager  
Karen Corbelli  
Data Base Manager  
John Allen  
Adam L. Schetky  

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