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2004-05 Cardiopulmonary Research–in-Progress Seminars

Allan Lawrie, Ph.D., Stanford University
"Inter-dependent Serotonin Transporter and Receptor Pathways Regulate S100A4/Mts1, a Gene Associated with Cancer and Vascular Disease"
Sandra Merklinger, C.N.S./N.P., M.N., University of Toronto and Stanford University
"Regression and Progression of Pulmonary Vascular Disease Related to Smooth Muscle Cell Apoptosis, S100A4/Mts1 and Fibulin-5"
Donald Massaro, M.D., Georgetown University
"Regulation of the Turnover of Pulmonary Alveoli"

Helen M. Blau, Ph.D., Stanford University
"Stem Cells within Adult Bone Marrow: Role in Tissue Repair"

Lily Y. Jan, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
"Potassium Channel Regulation"
Duncan Stewart, M.D., F.R.C.P.C., University of Toronto
"Role of eNOS in Pulmonary Vascular Development"
Roel Nusse, Ph.D., Stanford University
“Wnt Signaling During Animal Development"

12/14/04 *
*Tuesday, Noon, Falk Library
Mark Kahn, M.D., University of Pennsylvania
"Regulation of Lymphatic Vascular Development by Hematopoietic Signals"
Co-sponsored with the Vascular Biology Seminar Series
1/6/05 Rik Derynck, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
"TGF-ß Signaling and Mesenchymal Differentiation"
1/13/05 Pilar Ruiz-Lozano, Ph.D., University of California, San Diego
"Migratory Cells in Cardiac Development and Function"
Michael Longaker, M.D., Stanford University
"Regenerative, Reparative and Replacement Medicine"



Jorge A. Gutierrez, M.D., University of California, San Francisco
“The Effects of Mechanical Forces on Pulmonary Alveolar Epithelial Phenotypic Expression"
2/24/05 Zena Werb, Ph.D., University of California, San Francisco
"Inflammation, Angiogenesis, and Matrix Metalloproteinases: Regulating the Extracellular Microenvironment"
Tushar Desai, M.D., Ph.D., Stanford University
"Retinoic Acid Regulates Fgf10 Expression and Proper Morphogenesis of the Primary Lung Buds"

Charles A. Taylor, Ph..D., Stanford University
"Image-based Modeling of Blood Flow in the Pulmonary Arteries"

M. Luisa-Iruela-Arispe, Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
"Regulation of VEGF Signaling by Extracellular Processing Events"

Susan McConnell, Ph.D., Stanford University
"On the Move: Mechanisms of Neuronal Migration"
Leland G. Dobbs, M.D., University of California, San Francisco
"The Great Big Alveolar TI Cell: New Insights into Functions and Development"



S. Glennis Haworth, M.D., FRCP, Institute of Child Health, London, UK
"Pulmonary Hypertension: Influence of Smooth Muscle Cell Phenotype on Response to Therapies"
Please note: Dr Haworth will present the Dunlevie Lecture on Friday, May 13, (8:00am, LPCH Auditorium), on "The Clinical Application of Basic Research in Patients with Pulmonary Hypertension"
*4:15 p.m., Clark Center Auditorium
Rakesh K. Jain, Ph.D., Harvard Medical School & Massachusetts General Hosp.
"Imaging the Inner Workings of Solid Tumors: A 25 Year Odyssey"
Bio-X Frontiers in Interdisciplinary BioSciences Seminar, hosted by Dr. Marlene Rabinovitch


Jim Spudich , Ph.D., Stanford University
"Cell Dynamics, Tension Sensing, and the Myosin Family of Molecular Motors"
Linda Demer, M.D., Ph.D., University of California, Los Angeles
"Stem Cells in Atherosclerotic Calcification"


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