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Biological Resources

Databases for Molecular Biology
A link to different databases at the NIH.

E.coli database and Additional Information
The E. coli Genome Center is a laboratory of the Genetics Department, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences, at the University of Wisconsin - Madison Campus.

Enzyme nomenclature database
Enzyme is a repository of information relative to the nomenclature of enzymes. It is primarily based on the recommendations of the Nomenclature Committee of the International Union of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology (IUBMB) and it describes each type of characterized enzyme for which an EC (Enzyme Commission) number has been provided.

National Center for Biotechnology Information
The most frequently used website for collecting original information by Medline, Entrez and Blast. Keyword-searches, DNA sequence-searches and databank analysis.

Peptide Mass
PeptideMass cuts a list of Swiss-Prot entries or an entered protein sequence with a chosen enzyme and computes the masses of the generated peptides. This tool also gives you the theoretical values of the pI (isoelectric point) and Mw (molecular weight) for the entered Swiss-Prot proteins.

Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome
This server provides data taken from the Portable Dictionary of the Mouse Genome, the Mouse Chromosome Committee Reports, the final MIT microsatellite map release, and from the recombinant inbred strain map files of R.W. Elliott. All files are intended for you to download. Most files are available in a generic form and can be used with Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows, or UNIX systems.

Prosite is a method of determining what is the function of uncharacterized proteins translated from genomic or cDNA sequences. It consists of a database of biologically significant sites, patterns and profiles that help to reliably identify to which known family of protein (if any) a new sequence belongs.

A collection of annotated protein domain sequences.

SeqAnalRef is a bibliographic reference data bank relative to papers dealing with sequence analysis. This data banks stores the references of articles from the expanding field of mathematical and computer analysis of biomolecular sequences.

Sequence Retrieval System
Network browser for databanks in genetics and molecular biology. Great interface, covers most of the databases.

Stanford Genomic Resources
Database of Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Arabidopsis thalliana.

Stanford PAN Facility

Swiss-Prot is a curated protein sequence database which strives to provide a high level of annotations (such as the description of the function of a protein, its domains structure, post-translational modifications, variants, etc), a minimal level of redundancy and high level of integration with other databases.

Swiss-2Dpage contains data on proteins identified on various 2-D page reference maps. You can locate these proteins on the 2-D page maps or display the region of a 2-D page map where one might expect to find a protein from Swiss-Prot.

Swiss-3Dimage is an image database which strives to provide high quality pictures of biological macromolecules with known three-dimensional structure. The database contains mostly images of experimentally elucidated structures, but also provides views of well accepted theoretical protein models.

TIGR Human Gene Index
The TIGR Human Gene Index (HGI) integrates research results from international human gene research projects, including research at TIGR.

Translate is a tool which allows the translation of a nucleotide (DNA/RNA) sequence to a protein sequence.

Virtual Genome Center
Lots of useful tools and info for the analysis of DNA and proteins.

WWW-based Sequence Analysis Services
Resource at NIH and around the world which provide WWW based services for sequence analysis and data processing.

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