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We are pleased to provide you with a summary of some of the most exciting work we are currently pursuing that we closer to better treatments for cancer:


  1. Drs. Dean Felsher and Alice Fan spearheaded a clinical study to interrogate the potential therapeutic role of statins, drugs used to treat high cholesterol, for the treatment of lymphoma. This study has completed enrollment and results are now being analyzed. A new study of statins in liver cancer is being planned.
  2. Drs. Felsher and Fan have a clinical study to investigate how patient cancer cells respond to targeted therapies, with the goal of developing biomarkers to personalize treatments in the future.  They are enrolling patients to obtain blood and/or fine needle aspirate samples of tumors before and during treatment. Current focus is on lymphoma, kidney cancer, and head-neck cancer.


Dr. Alice Fan is using nanotechnologies to analyze very small amounts of tumor and/or blood to develop a powerful new approach for the diagnosis of cancer. Our results were recently highlighted in the AACR 2013 annual meeting.

Taking the measure of mouse and human to identify oncoproteins through nano-fluidic capillaries.

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