Felsher Lab In the Division of Oncology

The Felsher Lab current members

Lab Director

Dean Felsher, MD, PhD


Qiwei Yang Qiwei Yang
Transgenics manager
The most senior member of the Felsher lab, Qiwei Yang is responsible for maintaining the transgenic animals.
Adriane Mosley Adriane Mosley
Laboratory Manager/ Research Professional
Working on translational projects and industry collaborations, in addition to laboratory management.
Ian Lai Ian Lai, PhD
Research Professional
Working on industry collaboration projects utilizing MRI and testing potential cancer therapeutics.
Jaclyn Lee Jaclyn Lee
Research Professional
Working with industry collaborations to study drug therapies for liver cancer in pre-clinical trials.
Hong Dai Hong Dai
Research Professional
Assisting in management of our transgenic colony.
  Leslie Quiroz
Administrative assistant

Instructors and Research Associates

Yulin Li Yulin Li, MD, PhD
Dr. Li has discovered the critical role of miR-17-92 in mediating MYC oncogene addiction. In collaboration with Dr. David Dill, he has also developed computational approaches to study the differentiation states of cancer cells. His research goal is to discover novel cancer therapeutics based on a mechanistic understanding of tumorigenesis. View more details.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Virginie Baylot

Virginie Baylot, PhD
Studying the role of the immune system in the mechanism by which the MYC/Twist induce metastasis in liver cancer.

Stephanie Casey, PhD
Investigating the role of the adaptive immune system in lymphoma regression upon oncogene inactivation.
Anja Deutzmann

Anja Deutzmann, PhD
Utilizing PET-imaging and intravital microscopy to interrogate the impact of MYC inhibition on tumor maintenance and regression.

Meital Gabay, PhD Meital Gabay, PhD
Dr. Gabay is a examining pathways that interact with MYC in the genesis and maintenance of liver cancer.
Arvin Gouw

Arvin Gouw, PhD
Investigating the metabolic mechanisms of oncogene addiction.

Daniel Koch, PhD Daniel Koch, PhD
Investigating biomarkers of oncogene-addicted cancer stem cells.
Srividya Swaminathan Srividya Swaminathan, PhD
Investigating the mechanisms of antigen-driven immune surveillance in oncogene-addicted lymphomas.
Ling Tong, PhD
Utilizing intravital microscopy to interrogate the impact of MYC inhibition on tumor maintenance and regression.
Sangeeta Kowli Sangeeta Kowli, PhD
Working to discover biomarkers as early predictors as well as potential therapeutic agents for low-grade Non-Hodgkin Lymphomas (NHL).

Medical Students

Rebecca Gao Rebecca Gao
Interested in clinical research on predictors of metastasis and oncogene-immune response relationships.

Undergraduate Students

Rachel Do Rachel Do
Assisting in a project to characterize the role of CD4+ T-cells and the TSP-1 secreted factor in tumor regression due to MYC inactivation.
Delaney Sullivan

Delaney Sullivan
Characterizing potential drivers of MYC addicted lymphomas, with specific interest in proteins influencing chromatin architecture.

Georgia Toal Georgia Toal
Investigating MYC's regulation of lipid metabolism genes in renal cell carcinoma.
Georgia Toal Theodore Hu
IInvestigating the role of the innate immune system in metastasized liver cancer.
Former Lab Members


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