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Activity in Genes, Immune Cells Tied to Cancer Survival in Study
[US News & World Report]

Chance of surviving cancer is written in our GENES: Doctors develop database which predicts how long a person will live based on their DNA
[Daily Mail (UK)]

Genomic Signatures for Integrative Models of Clinical Heterogeneity in Patients with Follicular Lymphoma
[CDMRP Department of Defense]

Identifying relapse in lymphoma patients with circulating tumor DNA
[Stanford Medicine Scope Blog]

New way to sort cells without limitations of traditional methods
[Stanford Medicine News Center]

Smoking gun or hit-and-run? How oncogenes make good cells go bad
[Stanford Medicine Scope Blog]

Damon Runyon Cancer Research Foundation Awards over $4M to 10 Top Young Clinical Investigators
[Damon Runyon CRF]

Blood test could provide rapid, accurate method of detecting solid cancers
[Stanford Medicine]

Simple blood test could detect cancers
[Fox News]

Simple Blood Test Could Detect Cancer Early
[Voice of America]

New ultrasensitive blood test can detect cancer

Tumor Type Targeted Sequencing Method Picks Up Personalized Circulating Tumor DNA Markers
[In Sequence]

Study shows cancer stem cells' pivotal effect Leukemia patients whose cancers express higher levels of genes associated with cancer stem cells have a significantly poorer prognosis than patients with lower levels of the genes [JAMA].
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New antibody-combination therapy boosts human lymphoma cure rate

Cancer cells emit 'eat me' signal Researchers have discovered that many cancer cells carry the seeds of their own destruction: a protein on the cell surface that signals circulating immune cells to engulf and digest them. [Science Translational Medicine]
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Leukemia Cells Flash Fake Protein "ID" to Dupe the Immune System

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