Kim Butts Pauly's Lab
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        MRgFUS in the Brain

MRgFUS for Treatment of Painful Bone Mets

        MRI of Frozen Tissue

MRgFUS in Continuous Breathing Liver

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Magnetic Resonance Guided Interventions and Focused Ultrasound Lab


Our laboratory researches MR-guided focused ultrasound technologies, treatments, and bioeffects.

A general overview for ablative therapies, and links to our clinical trials is provided.

A more complete description of our projects is provided in the Project Overviews Tab at the top of the page. In general, our active areas of research span a range of topics from advancing the technologies for clinical care, to more basic science studies. We are studying the physical mechanism behind ultrasound-based neuromodulation, applying ultrasound-based neuromodulation to study and treat the brain, and studying how BBB opening can be optimized for brain tumor and epilepsy treatments.

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