Joy Wu, MD, PhD (PI)

Joy grew up in Voorhees, NJ, and still misses the cheesesteaks, soft pretzels and tax-free clothes shopping. She graduated from Stanford, where she had such a good time doing research in Dale Kaiser’s lab (no doubt influenced by regular Friday afternoon trips with the lab to Haagen Dazs for ice cream) that she decided to pursue MD/PhD training at Duke. There she learned about mouse genetics and cell signaling while studying testis development with Tony Means. Following residency and endocrinology fellowship training at Harvard, including a postdoctoral fellowship with Hank Kronenberg, Joy joined the faculty at MGH, studying how bones develop and support hematopoietic differentiation. In 2012 she moved her lab to Stanford, where she is a member of the Division of Endocrinology in the Department of Medicine.

Outside the lab and clinic, Joy’s favorite activities include hanging out with her family, skiing, traveling, and reading historical mysteries (the more preposterous the better).

Photo credit: Jack Takahashi

Srilatha Swami, PhD (Staff scientist)

Srilatha was born and raised in Chennai, a sunny, coastal city in Southern India where she earned her undergraduate degree in Chemistry from Madras University.  Her passion for higher education culminated in a PhD in Biochemistry where her focus was on nutrition and cardiovascular diseases.  Srilatha moved to sunny California in 1990 and joined Dr. Gerald Reaven’s lab at Stanford as a postdoctoral fellow.  After a couple of postdoctoral positions, new additions to her family and picking up an MPH degree at UC Berkeley she settled down in Dr. David Feldman’s Lab at Stanford in 1997 to work on breast cancer and vitamin D.  While continuing to work in the Feldman lab she joined Joy Wu’s lab as a part time research associate in Oct 2012 where she is studying the effects of the parathyroid hormone on the breast cancer niche in the bone.   She is currently enjoying the challenge of working in two labs trying to integrate her experience in breast cancer with Joy’s expertise in bone biology.  Outside of work, Srilatha enjoys spending time with her husband and two daughters going on road trips, traveling and enjoying ethnic music.  Very often you will also find her curled up cozily, reading eighteenth century historic or romantic classics and watching Indian movies.

Photo credit: Jack Takahashi

Takaharu Kimura, PhD (Postdoctoral fellow)

Hui Zhu, PhD (Staff scientist)

Hui was born and raised in Nanjing, a big city in the middle south of China.  She finished her PhD training in the Institute of Biochemistry and Cell Biology, Chinese Academy of Sciences in 2007.  After that, Hui started her postdoctoral training in Stanford University.  Research work in Guowei Fang’s lab in the Biology Department strengthened her extensive experience in Molecular Cell Biology field including cell proliferation and differentiation, cell cycle, cell apoptosis, cell signaling, etc.  Hui specified her cell biology field to stem cell biology in Julie Baker’s lab in the Genetics Department.  With high interest and an insatiable desire to further advance the translational stem cell biology field, Hui joined Joy’s lab as a research associate in Oct. 2014, where she is currently working on osteoblast lineage cells by utilizing transgenic models and stem cell biology.

After work, Hui spends most of her time with her family.  She also squeezes time for broad reading, listening to talk shows, and surfing the Internet.

Lab Alumni

Rodrigo Valderrabano, MD, MSc 

Joshua Johnson, BS

Lance Bettinson, BS

Cristina Panaroni, PhD

Yi-shiuan Tzeng, PhD

Hamid Saeed, PhD