Peter Jackson

Peter Jackson is a Professor in the Baxter Laboratory for Stem Cell Biology, Department of Microbiology & Immunology, at the Stanford University School of Medicine. Dr. Jackson returned to Stanford in 2013 after eight years as a Staff Scientist and Director at Genentech Inc. in S. San Francisco, California. At Genentech, he helped define and implement the development of therapeutics for cancer pathways including cell cycle checkpoints, stress pathways, and tumor metabolism. Before joining Genentech in 2005, he spent 10 years on the faculty at Stanford University School of Medicine. His laboratory has been involved in studies of cell cycle biochemistry, regulation of the cancer by kinases and phosphatases, the ubiquitin-proteasome system, and the discovery of a new physiological class of competitive (“pseudosubstrate”) E3 ubiquitin ligase inhibitors, exemplified by the APC/C regulator Emi1.

Since 2005, his lab has focused on signaling through the primary cilium, using proteomic approaches to define regulatory networks and new disease genes. More broadly, the lab has connected many proteins defective in human diseases and cancer to new complexes and pathways, with a view to discovering molecular signatures for diagnostics and therapeutic development. His research has earned him numerous visiting lectureships and honors, including awards from the Baxter Foundation, Howard Hughes Medical Institute, the American Cancer Society, the Pluto Society, and being a Stanford Hume Faculty Scholar and a Kirsch Scholar, and elected a Fellow of the American Association for the Advancement of Science (in 2008).

Current Lab Members

Dr. Keren Hilgendorf

Postdoctoral researcher

Mark Kelly

Graduate Student

Janos Demeter


Kathleen Shaw

Administrative Assistant

Dr. Tomoharu Kanie

Postdoctoral researcher

Carl Johnson

Graduate Student

Ludmila Lokteva


Israel Larios

Lab Assistant 

Dr. Marcelo Chavez

Postdoctoral researcher

Henrietta Wulsin Bennett

Graduate Student

David Wu


Former Lab Members

Dr. Alex Loktev

Former Senior Scientist

Dr. Kevin Wright

Former Senior Scientist

Kenne Abbott

Former Life Science Research Assistant

Former Postdocs

Maxence Nachury, Ph.D. (Berkeley) Associate Professor, Ophthalmology, UCSF
Ellen Freed, Ph.D. (UC San Diego) Research Scientist, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center
Zachary Zimmerman, Ph.D. (Stanford) CEO and Co-Founder, Forge Therapeutics
Emmy Verschuren, Ph.D. (University College London) Associate Investigator, FIMM-EMBL, Helsinki
Chris Westlake, Ph.D. (Queen's University) Investigator & Head, Laboratory of Membrane Trafficking, NCI
Dieter Wolf, M.D. (Stanford) Professor, Sanford-Burnham Prebys Institute, San Diego, CA
Matthew Summers, Ph.D. (University of Pennsylvania) Professor, Department of Radiation Oncology, The Ohio State University
Jorge Torres, Ph.D. (Princeton) Associate Professor, Department of Biochemistry, UCLA
Norman Lehman, M.D./Ph.D.  Associate Professor, Creighton University
Rebecca Pferdehirt, Ph.D. (Berkeley) Scientist, Amgen
Anne-Sophie Lebre, Ph.D. (Univeristé Paris Descartes) Faculty, Hôpital Necker, Paris, France
Florence Margottin-Goguet, Ph.D. (Pierre and Marie Curie University) Principal Investigator, Departement d'Hematologie, Institut Cochin, Paris, France
Dirk Siepe, Ph.D. (Ludwig-Maximilians Universität München) Sr. Scientist, Stanford University School of Medicine
Ines Gutgemann, M.D. University of Bonn , Bonn · Institut für Pathologie
Kevin Wright, Ph.D.(Berkeley) Scientist, Harpoon
Saikat Mukhopadhyay, M.D./Ph.D. (Banaras Hindu University/Brandeis University) Assistant Professor, Department of Cell Biology, UT Southwestern
Karen Davis, M. D. (Williams/Stanford) Pediatrics practice

Former Ph.D. Students

Craig Swanson, M. D., Ph.D. (UCSD) Private practice
Amy Sherman(Idaho) Manager, Biotechnology
Ken Ban, M. D., Ph.D. (NUS) Assistant Professor, National University of Singapore
Adam Eldridge, Ph.D. (MIT) Consultant, Biotech Industry
Laura Furstenthal, Ph.D. (Harvard) Senior Partner/Head of office, McKinsey & Company, San Francisco
David Hansen, Ph.D. (Brigham Young) Scientist, Genentech, Inc.
Eric Huntzicker, Ph.D. (Berkeley) Scientist, Gilead Corporation
Jerry Hsu, M.D., Ph.D.  (Harvard) Medical Director, Genentech, Inc.
Brett Kaiser (UC Davis) Assistant Professor, University of Washington
Katherine Lacey, Ph.D. (Princeton) Private business
Alexander Loktev, Ph.D. (Novosibirsk) NGM Pharma
Julie Miller, MSTP, M.D., Ph.D. (Stanford) Neurology Attending, Partners (BWH/Mass General Harvard Med/Dana-Farber Cancer Institute)
Julie Reimann MSTP, M.D., Ph.D. (Bryn Mawr/Curtis) Associate Professor, Dermatopathology, Tufts Medical
Patricia Sitnitsky, M.D. (Stanford) Residency in Medicine, Santa Clara, CA
Jeff Tung, Ph.D., J. D. (Berkeley) Patent lawyer, San Diego, California

Visiting Scientists

Titia Sixma, Ph.D. (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen) Netherlands Cancer Institute, Amsterdam:  Fulbright Scholar
Rachel Giles, Ph.D. (University of Leiden) U. Utrecht, Genentech Fellowship
Elizabeth Fisher, Ph.D. (Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine) University College London, UCL Fellowship
Patrick Marangos University College London

Genentech, Department of Cell Regulation

Tom O’Brien, Ph.D. (Cornell) Director, Translational Oncology at Pfizer
Laura Corson, Ph.D. (The Johns Hopkins University) Independent Consultant, The Johns Hopkins University
Adam Eldridge, Ph.D. Associate Scientist at Genentech Inc.
Mary Ludlam, Ph.D. (Imperial College London) CEO, Cairn Biosciences
Georgia Hatzivassiliou, Ph.D. (Columbia) Senior Scientist, Genentech
Ajay Pandita, DVM, Ph.D. (University of Toronto) Chief Scientific Officer, Core Diagnostics 
Guowei Fang, Ph.D. (University of Colorado) Head of Discovery, Pharmacyclics, An AbbVie Company
Daniel Anderson, Ph.D. (UC San Diego) Senior Director, Biology at Recursion Pharmaceuticals
Lindsay Garrenton, Ph.D. (Berkeley)  Senior Scientist, Five Prime Therapeutics, Inc.
Mandy Kwon, Research Associate  
Janet Jin, Ph.D. (Stanford) Director R&D, Roche
Yang Xiao, Ph.D.  Principal Scientific Researcher, Genentech
Chris Dal Nagro, Ph.D. (UC San Diego) Senior Scientist, MedImmune
Kristi M. Zimmerman, Ph.D. (University of Sussex) Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Genentech
Jon Choi Senior Research Associate, Genentech
Georgia Hatzivassiliou, Ph.D. (Columbia) Senior Scientist, Genentech
Matt Brauer, Ph.D (University of Texas: Austin) Senior Scientist and Director of Data Science & Statistical Computing, Genentech
Jenni Durieux, Ph.D. (UC San Diego) Research Associate, Dillin Lab, Berkeley

Former Lab Staff Members

Heather Briggs (Stanford)       Manager, SmithKline Beecham
Bryan Gardener      University of Pennsylvania School of Nursing, Philadelphia, PA
Quoc (Bud) Duong (Berkeley)        BioRad Corporation, Director
Harn-Mei Hsieh (MIT)         Los Gatos, CA
Keene Abbott (UC Santa Cruz)         Ph.D. student, MIT
Patty Winningham (Pathology)         Pathology Department

Former and Current Undergraduates

Patricia Sitnitsky, M. D. (Stanford)       Physician 
Andrea Kaplan, M.D. (Stanford)  Physician 
Xin Zhou (Beijing) Ph.D. student, Sabatini Lab, MIT
David Wu      Undergraduate, Stanford

Former High School Students

Jessica Mar             Undergraduate, UC Berkeley
Ethan Oro             Undergraduate, Stanford
Nandita Naik         Proofs School, San Francisco, CA