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Step 1: "File on My Computer"

Contribute allows you to set links to your non-HTML files (Word, Excel, PDF, etc) and upload them with the linking page. You will need a sample file. Here are two you can use:

Sample Word Doc | Sample PDF

  1. In Contribute, View and Edit any page -- the New Page created in the previous exercise is good
  2. Place your cursor where you want the new link to go in your text. OR select a piece of text or image to link from. Click the Insert Link button
  3. Select "File on My Computer"

  4. Type "My Downloadable Document" in the Link text field, if appropriate

  5. Click the Browse button and use the browse window to find and select a document on your desktop, i.e. a PDF file, Word file, Excel, Powerpoint, or any other non-html file.

  6. Click OK. Contribute will now warn you that you must edit the document using Contribute in order to make changes on the published file.

  7. Click the Publish button; Contribute uploads both the linking page and the linked document, placed in a folder called "documents."
    If you need to change the online version of the document, you can either edit the document normally AND repeat the process above to upload the new version, OR, use Contribute to manage the edit.

  8. Validate your work in a browser by viewing the page and clicking the links

Step 2: Edit online version of file

Once uploaded, the online and desktop versions of your file are completely separate. Changes you make on the desktop won't be reflected in the online version unless you take additional action. One option is to use Contribute to manage the document changes. You must have the appropriate editor, e.g. Word for .doc files and Acrobat for .pdf files, on your computer.

  1. In Contribute, use the Choose button to browse the site for your downloadable file; look for a folder named "documents" or "files"
  2. Select the file and click OK
  3. When prompted whether to Open or Save, click Open
  4. When the document is visible in the Contribute window, click the Edit button
  5. Switch to Word/Acrobat or whatever editor has loaded for the file
  6. Complete your edits, Save and Close the document
  7. Switch back to Contribute
  8. Click Publish
  9. If prompted again to Open or Save, click Open or Cancel
  10. You can now switch to another page
  11. Don't forget to validate your changes by viewing them through the browser

Optional: Upload a file without linking

Another option is to upload your file or files without linking them, and then link to them later if desired or needed. This can be handy if you have a bunch of PDFs, a slide show XML file, or any kind of file you want to add to your site.

  1. upload file screenIn Contribute, use the File menu to select "Publish a File From My Computer..."
  2. Browse to the file you want to add, select it, and click the "Choose" button
    upload file screen
  3. If you edit more than one site, you will be prompted to choose the site you want to add the file to

    upload file screen
  4. After a few moments, you will be prompted to choose a folder to put the file into on the site; click the "Choose Folder" button
    upload file screen
  5. It is considered best practice to keep all non-HTML files together in a folder, such as "documents," "files," or sometimes "pdfs" etc.; if there isn't such a folder already, you can use the button that looks like a folder with a plus sign to create a new folder at the level desired; if there is already a folder at the level desired, Open the folder; when the desired folder has been chosen, click the "Select '[foldername]' button
    upload file screen
  6. Click the Publish button (see the screen in step 4)
  7. In a few moments, the document is published and you are contratulated; click "OK" to finish

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