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What are they?

A trail of links under the tabs (or under the header) are called breadcrumbs because they lead the user back to the Home page. The last link in the chain represents the parent topic home page for the page in view. Here is a typical progression through topics in Stanford Medicine sites:

Like the left navigation links, bread crumbs links are kept in server-side include (SSI) files, one for each major topic, usually in a near-by includes directory. If you like, use the Choose button now to find and edit a breadcrumbs file. They are kept in the same includes folders with the left navigation includes. If you change the link, don't forget it must be the full URL.

Limitations in Contribute

With Contribute, you can edit an existing bread crumbs file, i.e. change the text and/or links. But you can't change the breadcrumb include file a page uses. One must use Dreamweaver to create new page-breadcrumb associations. Contact WebHelp with the specifics if you want assistance creating a new page-breadcrumb pairing on your site and only have Contribute.

research tab highlightedTabs pages: Breadcrumbs can control tab highlights

The Stanford Medicine format automatically highlights the tab for a topic (see right) when the viewed page is within the topic folder of that tab.

It is also possible to force a specific tab to highlight, independent of the tab's main URL. A bit of code, invisible in the browser, but visible in Contribute, set's the tab highlight. Although it's visible when present, it isn't practical to add this code in Contribute; contact Web Help if you need help highlighting a specific tab.

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