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How to Take Over a Stanford Medicine Web Site

Each group should have a person who is responsible for their site. Ideally, this is one person, but large sites are sometimes divided up and maintained by more than one person.

This page explains how to take over maintenance of an existing site on the IRT server. Sites on IRT's server appear under the domain, and many custom domains, i.e. If you are not sure where your site is hosted, contact Web Help.

What to do

OnePolicies You Must Know: To ensure the integrity of Web sites on our server, we ask that our web-authors know and respect our Web Policies and Design Standards. To ensure design consistency, all sites should use the Stanford Medicine format. Please do not break pages out of the format. Contact us If you'd like to change the overall structure of your pages or incorporate various programming languages or a database.

TwoChoose, purchase and install your software: You have a choice of two tools for publishing to your site. Adobe Contribute is a browser-like content publishing application that is most practical for updates to text, links and images. Adobe Dreamweaver is meant for more involved development tasks. If your site will have a complex structure, Dreamweaver offers more flexibility.

TwoBecome a Dreamweaver Web Author: Each SoM site's sponsors must assign one or more Web Authors to ensure that the site is kept up to date. To become a Dreamweaver Web Author, please use the Web Help form to request access to an existing Stanford Medicine site or to request access to a practice site, and select the checkbox for Dreamweaver in the form. You must have a SUNet ID to become a Web Author. More »

You must have a SUNet ID to become a Web Author. For more information please visit the sponsored SUNet IDs page.

OneGet training: Be sure to view our comprehensive online training with multimedia. Or register for one of our in-person classes to prepare for publishing to Stanford Medicine Web sites with Dreamweaver.

TwoBegin work: We will contact you when your access is ready. You will now be ready to start publishing to your site. WebDAV provides a secure mechanism for Stanford Medicine web-authors to access web sites using a SUNet ID and password. If you choose Dreamweaver, you will need to configure it to establish a connection using the WebDAV URL provided to you.

  • If you have worked on any previous version of the site, be sure to set aside your older local folder. You should not upload older files to the site. Instead, start over with a fresh, blank directory on your local computer to hold your local site files. You will need to "get" all the site's files from the server before making changes.
  • You will need a local copy of the Templates resources for your site in order to preview your pages properly. More »
  • All new pages should be created by duplicating and renaming existing ones. More »

Web Help: Our staff is always willing to help you with any web problem. You can submit inquiries online via our Web Help form, call our Web Help Desk or stop by our Office Hours.

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