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Web Author Training for Adobe AEM

Broken up into various learning modules, the videos can be watched separately and over time until you complete the course. There are quiz questions for each video to help reinforce the content. It is a pass/fail class and upon completion provides a downloadable certificate of accomplishment for completing the course. 

Training is required before you can get access to an existing site on AEM or before a new site can be created on AEM. Once training is completed submit a Help Desk ticket to request access.  


Request 1:1 Assistance for 15 or 30 Minute Blocks

To request 1:1 help, please submit a Help Desk ticket to arrange assistance. We offer phone support, through online BlueJeans sessions for screen sharing, or you can book time to visit us at Porter Drive. 

This help is on a first come first served basis. The days and times for 1:1 help are listed below. 

Help Days and Times

Time for 1:1 help is booked in 15 minute and 30 minute increments. If you need assistance of more than 30 minutes, please see the section "1:1 Assistance for 1 Hour or More" below. 

Tuesday Wednesday Thursday







We will periodically offer workshops on campus for drop-in help time and to demo new functionality or go into greater depth for existing components. Those times will be posted here as they are scheduled.

1:1 Assistance for 1 Hour or More

For 1:1 help building your site that requires more than 30 minutes of assistance, please submit a Help Desk ticket. Your ticket will be prioritized and a help session scheduled, either by phone, through BlueJeans sessions for screen share, or scheduling time at our office at 3172 Porter Drive or your office if located on campus.


JAM Sessions

The JAM sessions are where we show web authors new components just released and also deep dive into existing components to really show functionality and features that can be utilized. These sessions are hosted by a variety of our Adobe CQ AEM experts. See components in action and also participate in the Q&A.

We have added new dates and times! The page requires SUNet ID to see the details for attending the sessions. 

Please join us through BlueJeans or watch the recorded sessions below after they are posted. 

Watch the previous JAM Sessions in the video playlist below.


JAM Sessions

Legacy Training

Dreamweaver and Contribute

Training for Dreamweaver:

Online Sessions:

DW1 - Introduction to Dreamweaver

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