MedWiki and MedWiki-Secure Enterprise Wikis

“Wiki wiki” means "rapidly" in the Hawaiian language. The term WIKI is a generic name for a web-page that can be editted quickly without having to learn HTML.

IRT provides MedWiki (SUNet ID required) and MedWiki-Secure (members only) for secure collaboration and document sharing with Stanford School of Medicine groups. MedWiki is powered by Confluence, a popular enterprise wiki platform from Atlassian Software.

What your team can do with MedWiki

  • Easily store and share content and documents, with anyone with a SUNet ID, or, just with your work group
  • Access content securely anytime from anywhere through a browser
  • Securely store and share private documents and information
  • Share, manage, and comment on information
  • Easily make edits that update instantly
  • Track every change or rollback to a previous version
  • Find stored information quickly, unlike emails
  • Limit access to pages and documents to specific people

What your team can do with MedWiki-Secure

HIPAA Compliance in MedWiki-Secure »

What your team can't do with MedWiki or MedWiki-Secure

  • Store or share Stanford Prohibited information, such as:
    • Social Security Numbers
    • Credit Card Numbers
    • Financial Account Numbers, such as checking or investment account numbers
    • Driver’s License Numbers
    • Health Insurance Policy ID Numbers
    • For more details, please see Secure Computing's Data Classification, Access, Transmittal and Storage page
  • MedWiki-Secure can't be reached from off-campus without VPN
  • Fully public pages; a SUNet ID is required to view and edit
  • Wikis restricted to all School of Medicine users, or a simple group like a department

Guide for MedWiki & MedWiki-Secure users »

Qualifications for using MedWiki

Qualifications for using MedWiki-Secure

  • A SUNet ID is required to view and edit in MedWiki-Secure
  • All wiki members must have appropriate HIPAA training; check with the Primary Author for the space if you are not sure if you have the right training

Guide for MedWiki primary authors »

  • Administrator of the wiki, providing access to new users and removing acces of users who leave the organization
  • Will be the primary contact for users of the wiki
  • Responsible for ensuring the wiki is used in compliance with HIPAA

How to request a new wiki »

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