Online Surveys (Surveyor)

Surveyor is an easy-to-use tool for creating HIPAA compliant online surveys. It is available to anyone in the School of Medicine Community with a SUNet ID and is fully supported by IRT. Results are compiled in Excel spreadsheets and can be downloaded anytime by specified survey administrators.

To create a survey you will be guided through a question creation wizard and can choose from several different question types, including Stanford.Who auto-fill for personal and contact information. Once you have finalized your survey and clicked "Publish" you will be a given a URL to send to anyone you'd like to complete the survey. There is no limit to the number of survey responders.

Surveys can also be wrapped within your sites header and navigation so it appears to the user that the survey is another page within your site. To do this we need to help. Just let us know you want to do that after you publish your survey (upon publishing a survey you will be presenting with an option to add comments).

Feel free to create a sample survey or begin building a real one. [View sample survey]



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