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Before you create your multi-session event

It's a good idea to rough out your event details on a piece of paper or spreadsheet before beginning the process of setting up a multi-session event, with total number of sessions, session dates and times, and rules for registration worked out in advance. This will then guide your efforts as you work with Reggie/ORC. Note that there are some functional limitations here. You will have one list of session options and won't be able to create complex exclusion rules with logic, so you may need to handle some of that with clear explanations for users about how to register. In the following example, we have a demo weekend software training "camp" where attendees can choose one of two sessions each morning and afternoon over two days.

Name: Web Author Holiday Camp

Date(s): Saturday, December 24 - 25, 2011

Seats: 3 per session

Location(s): Stanford Menlo Park; Room I-237 (Dreamweaver) and Room AB-237 (Contribute)

Sessions Details:

Sat. Dec. 24 2011

Morning Dreamweaver 1 - 9am to Noon
Morning Contribute 1 - 9am to Noon
Afternoon Dreamweaver 2 - 1pm to 3pm
Afternoon Contribute 2 - 1pm to 3pm

Sun. Dec. 25 2011

Morning Dreamweaver 1 - 9am to Noon
Morning Contribute 2 - 9am to Noon
Afternoon Dreamweaver 2 - 1pm to 3pm
Afternoon Contribute 2 - 1pm to 3pm

If your event will be held in multiple rooms or locations, you will want to create a special venue for it that includes all of the possible locations in one venue, as only one venue can be used per module.

Create a special venue for the multi-session event

If you forget this part, you can save a draft of your event to save it, create a venue, then go back to the draft module to apply it.

  • Click the Venues tab
  • Click the Create New button
  • Fill in the details for your venue
  • It's a good idea to list all the possible locations and any other details that might be helpful to registrants
  • Click Save

Optional: Create Custom Fields to collect survey information

This step is expained on How to Work With Reggie/ORC » Don't forget to come back here!

Optional: Create Custom Module Groups to make your events sortable

This step is expained on How to Work With Reggie/ORC » Don't forget to come back here!

Optional: Create Module Categories for additional sorting of events

This step is expained on How to Work With Reggie/ORC » Don't forget to come back here!

Create a new session set for your multi-session event

  • Click the Settings tab
  • Click the Module Sessions item from the settings grid
  • Click the Create New button
  • Give your new Session Set a name
  • Fill in Selection Requirements; minimum indicates the lower requirement (you must select at least #); maximum indicates the largest number of sessions that can be selected; if you want the user to select only one of all the available sessions, set this as 1 and 1
  • Provide a Session Title; this will be displayed over the list of sessions in your form
  • Provide a description; this will be displayed over the list of sessions and is a good place to explain the selection rules to registrants ("Choose only one," or "Pick any four sessions," etc.)
  • Click the Create button to establish the new Session Set
  • A new form appears for Add a Session
  • Set the Display Order; 1 for the first session
  • Set the Size, meaning number of registrants allowed
  • OPTIONAL: Set an Internal ID for the session
  • Give the session a name; it's a good idea to include the full session information here, i.e. the date (if multiple days), time (if multiple times), as well as the session topic
  • OPTIONAL: More Info URL
  • IMPORTANT: Skip over the "Save" button; it doesn't appear to do anything yet and will drive you nuts if you try to use it. Instead, remember to click the Update button each time you add a new session.
  • Repeat for the next session, making adjustments for the details of the new session, i.e. day, date, time and session topic
  • IMPORTANT: Remember to click the Update button, not the Save button
  • Repeat as many times as needed to create all of the desired sessions
  • TIP: You can quickly knock out your session items in order with a simple placeholder title, then update all of them at the same time, in one go, with the actual sessions information, reviewing carefully and making any corrections needed (see next screen, below)
  • Carefully check all of your items to make sure all the details are correct
  • If needed, you can select the Delete checkbox and click the Update button to remove any sessions you no longer want
  • IMPORTANT: Remember to click the Update button, not the Save button

Create a new multi-session event registration Module

The next part is very similar to the process explained on How to Work With Reggie/ORC » Don't forget to come back here!

Create New and Basic Setup

  • Click the Modules tab
  • Click the Create New button
  • You can save your work any time and resume later
  • If you find you need something while you are working on the form, like a missing Venue or Module Group, Save your work so far, go create the item, then come back and apply it on the module
  • Fill in the forms at the top for basic event information
  • Choose one of the available Branding Profiles*
  • Select the multi-location Venue you set up in a previous step, if appropriate
  • Fill in Module Group (if any) and other settings and Description

Choose a Branding Profile

Branding profiles are expained on How to Work With Reggie/ORC » Don't forget to come back here!

Fill in event dates and settings

  • Set the Accept Registrations Through date item, if appropriate
  • Fill in date information; if the event occurs over more than one day, you can set the begin and end date on the same line, OR set multiple dates; this only affects how the date is displayed on the form and calendar and list views
  • Don't forget to select a Module Session!
  • Click the Settings button to open the panel
  • You can fill in Event Preparation Statement, if desired
  • Registration Confirmation Text (not shown) is displayed to the user after they register
  • Lodging Information (not shown) can be entered, if needed
  • IMPORTANT: Provide Contact Info
    your contact
    Unless you are the only user of the account (so that you are the default contact) you must include your specific contact information, or your registrants may become confused about who to contact with questions
  • If you set up Custom Fields, you can apply them here
  • If you set up Event Categories you can apply them here
  • CAPTCHA is a feature that requires the user to type in a code phrase to match an image; this is used to prevent form spam; IMPORTANT: a bug has been reported for this function in IE when the form is iFramed. If you use CAPTCHA, don't iFrame the form. If you must iFrame, don't use CAPTCHA

More Settings, and Correspondence

  • Open the Correspondence panel to manage email notices, etc.
  • Use this panel when you want to send a message to all current registrants NOW; enter your message and click Save at the bottom of the page
  • IMPORTANT: The default contact for new events is the first user for the department; if this isn't you, be sure to change the Correspondence Email Address to your own for both "To:" and "From:" for notifications.
    your contact too
  • You can set up to 4 event reminders
  • You can request feedback from attendees after the event using the Feedback Requests feature; use the Feedback tab to create new questionnaires
  • If you have created Cirtificates of Completion, you can have them sent to participants after the event; click the Settings tab and then Certificates of Completion to Create New certificates
  • If you want to require a ticket for entry to the event, use the e-Ticket Setup section
  • Use the Save button to save changes; note that some changes can affect and notify existing registrants, if any


  • Click the image at left to see the final form. You can also view the form itself » ... but don't try to attend this event, it's a demo!


  • The URL of the form is displayed and linked from the top of the module. You can email the link to potential registrants, link it from a Web site, etc.
  • If you want to match the appearance of a Stanford Medicine Web site, use the iFrame Branding Profile, then put in a Web Help request with both the registration form URL and the URL of the page or section where you want the registration form added. If you are a Web Author using Dreamweaver, you can do this yourself.

Manage events

sessions iconManaging a mult-session event is mostly just like managing a regular event. See How to Work With Reggie/ORC » for details. What's different for multi-session events is that you will see an extra icon (see image, right) on the Roster page for Multi-session. Click this icon to view your session information.

Have Questions?

  • You can find more information linked under the Support tab
  • The quickest way to get answers to  questions is to use the phone numbers or email addresses listed on the Support page
  • You can also ask Web Help, and we'll find out for you

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