Stanford Medicine Newswire

A new web application is now available throughout Stanford Medicine that allows web authors to easily maintain news feeds on their Web sites. This web application, recently developed by IRT departments, is called Newswire.

Examples of its use can found in the ‘news’ sections on the following Web pages:

Main benefits of news feeds include:

  • A more dynamic, informative home page and or news page for your Web site visitors
  • The ability to allow Web site visitors to ‘subscribe’ to your newsfeed as RSS.

Authors enter basic information (i.e. news title, short story description, link to the story, link to an image, etc.) for any news they have published. In addition, authors can choose relevant news entries made by the School and Hospitals’ Communications offices, as well as other editors throughout the system. Auhors manage the sorting and displaying of these news items on their own site, through a simple, easy-to-use web interface.

The Newswire application continuously writes out an data file that is accessible by your web pages. IRT will can add a snippet of code to a page on your Web site that will read this data file and display a set of news items. You can choose the category of news items to be displayed as well as the format in which you want them to appear.

Example of Newswire Output


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