Email Forms for Data Collection

IRT provides an email server script called FormMail, which allows you to send email from your Web page. Because of security issues, use of FormMail is restricted. Any site hosted on IRT's server ( can make use of FormMail, once key information has been added to an approved list.

If you have a form that is no longer working, or wish to set up a new form, using FormMail for the first time, let us know.

Example Email Form

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Important Cautions

  • Email, including Web-based email like FormMail, is NOT secure.
  • Be very careful about what kinds of information you solicit from users. Ask yourself, would this information compromise the user's security, privacy, or safety if intercepted by a malicious third party or was made publicly available?
  • Do not request health information via FormMail. Health Information is now strictly regulated under HIPAA, and FormMail does not meet the level of protection that is required under HIPAA. If you have a questions about health information and its regulation under HIPAA, please contact
  • Adherence to University and School of Medicine policies is the responsibility of each site's maintainer. If you have a question regarding specific forms, processes or wish to report a questionable form, please contact Web Help.

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