Calendars Online - Now Supported by Stanford Zimbra

IRT formerly supported a private online calendar called "iCal" under the domain "" (Example). THE DATEBOOK CALENDAR SERVICE HAS BEEN RETIRED.

Former users of must transition to a newer calendar. The recommended replacement is Zimbra, a platform provided by Stanford, which includes a Web-based Calendar. In addition to Zimbra, IRT can plug any 3rd-party web calendar into your page or site. Do a Web search for 'onlline calendar' to find more options. Provide the URL of your calendar with your request.

Zimbra calendar features:

  • Stanford Standard
  • Resource calendars available for groups, facilities, rooms, equipment, etc.
  • Personal calendars free without setup delay to any Stanford person
  • Synchronization with handhelds supported
  • Synchronization with other calendars supported
  • Ability to organize meetings; invite people from calendar
  • Changes are communicated immediately to participants
  • Easy to control access and view security
  • Built-in scheduling and task tools, like to-dos
  • Can be set to remind participants
  • Secure
  • Allows linkable public views of calendars
  • Can be iFramed into your Stanford Medicine site
  • Access can be provided for non-Stanford users

How to transition to Zimbra

  1. For each calendar, submit a separate HelpSU request for a Resource Calendar
    1. Be sure to follow the directions provided by IT Services
    2. See the "Tips for entering data..." at the end; it helps if you know what your location and/or org code is in advance, when you make your request
    3. Naming tips
      1. Keep it as short a possible, the name of the room, resource, or group only
      2. There is a 68-character limit on the dsiplay name, and "SOM CAL" will always be the first characters for School of Medicine resources
      3. Don't include the word "Events" or you will get "My Group's Event's Events" in some views
    4. It will be helpful to include the URL of the datebook calendar you are replacing; if you intend to share the calendar with the general public, you can request it be set up as a public calendar and ask for the public URL (see item 3. below for how to set this up yourself)
  2. Administer your calendar using Zimbra administration
  3. 1Zimbra setting 1Resource calendars are not automatically viewable by the public; to make your calendar publicly viewable without a login and password,
    1. Administer your calendar online - Launch Zimbra
    2. Right-click (Win)/Ctrl-click (Mac) on your calendar name and select "Share Calendar" (see image, right)
      Zimbra public resource calendar settings 2
    3. Select the third option, "Public (view only, no password required);" note that the URL provided is not necessarily the correct public URL (see step 5)
    4. Click OK to share the calendar
    5. Insert your calendar's name into the following URL, using the indicated formula:
      plus your calendar name, all lower case, with underscores between words
           example: "cal_sc_som_cal_web_author_events"
      all together: View full link in new window
      Note: supported colors: blue, red, yellow, orange, green, purple; the default color is orange
  4. When your calendar is ready, contact Web Help to have it installed on your Web site, if appropriate, and provide both the site URL and the new calendar URL in your request

Add a Zimbra resource calendar to your Web site

External calendars are typically added to Stanford Medicine sites by use of an iFrame device. You can request the addition of a Zimbra resource calendar to your Stanford Medicine site via the Web Help form. Examples:

  • Calendar - 1 column
  • Calendar - 2 column