Menu Manager

Menu Manager is a tool that allows web authors control over the top navigation of their web site. It allows web authors the ability to create, edit, and delete navigation links for their web sites.

Menu Manager is incredibly easy to use and allows for drag and drop of existing links to put them in different places within the existing navigation structure. Menu Manager also allows for manually adding new links with the option of having them open in a new window.

Menu Manager gives you control over editing the main navigation of the root web site. When you submit your changes, the menu will be immediately updated. Changes to the top navigation of sub-sites is not yet a part of this version.

Note: You are limited to 3 sub-levels of navigation for your site. If you require more levels of navigation for your web site, please contact the Help Desk.

PDF instructions

How to Use Menu Manager

What people are saying about Menu Manager

This is the greatest thing I've seen this year!
Love it!
Worked flawlessly.
The ability to edit the top navigation on my sites has been on my wish list for a while now. When I logged in to the Site Manager, the interface was clean, intuitive, and easy to use. Within seconds I made the changes I needed and am absolutely thrilled!
Excellent interface. Love it!