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Genetics Counseling Course Videos to Mobile

Project Overview

The MS Human Genetics and Genetic Counseling program runs 4 courses that are entirely "online," meaning that they are composed of pre-recorded videos that currently reside at websites such as this one. In order to view these videos, students must download them and then view them using RealPlayer or Quicktime Player.

The goal of this project is to make these online course videos more easily accessible to students through creating an "app" or other technologic change such that videos could be easily viewed on mobile devices. The vast majority of our students have iPhones or iPads available to them (6 out of 7 first-year students have iPads, for example, and probably 2/3 of all students have an iPhone). Students these days are used to mobile viewing, and as they are also quite mobile, sometimes commuting to San Francisco either as their home or as the site of a clinical rotation, they have significant downtime on trains or shuttles that could be easily transformed into a productive learning situation if they could easily view these educational videos during their transportation time (or, for that matter, while at the gym or in any other setting). Adding the ability to easily watch educational videos would enhance the learning experience significantly. Additionally, because these courses have fairly static video content (e.g. they have not been updated for the past several years, and we expect updates will occur infrequently either in the form of additions or revised videos) this should be a project with lasting "power" and impact and little long-term support.

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