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November 2012

You Now Have a New Profile on Facebook

Did you receive an email with that subject line? It's the same old phishing scam, but with a new look. The text of this scam is listed below. If you check the real email address of the sender (simply hover your cursor over the From and you'll see the real email address), you'll know instantly that it wasn't sent from Facebook.

Stay diligent! Don't be fooled. Don't click on links in unsolicited emails. If you want to check your profile in Facebook, go directly to the site using your browser, don't use the link in the email.

If you're uncertain what to do about this phishing scam or any other questionable emails you may receive, you can always contact IRT Information Security ( and we'll work with you. Remember, when in doubt, don't!

Content of Facebook phishing attempt:

You now have a new kind of profile.
It is your collection of the photos, posts and experiences that tell your story. Visit Facebook to choose your cover photo, add important events and photos from your past, and more.
View Your Profile (this is a link in the email)

Learn More (this is also a non-Facebook link in the email)

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