Web Conference & Video

Whether you are looking for an individual collaboration, large scale group conference, or classroom / seminar video capture IRT offers a Web or Video Conferencing solution that can meet your needs.

Video Services

IRT provides a wide range of video support including Course and seminar video capture, video conferencing, vice production, technical support. For detailed information on these services check our Video Services pages.

Web Conferencing (Medmeeting)

This solution is useful when members of the meeting are each in front of their own computers with webcams and when video quality is not a paramount concern. It is useful in whiteboard presentations and can be used for screen sharing, video chat, integrated teleconferencing and document sharing. This allows users in the School of Medicine to collaborate with each other remotely in an online, virtual conference room with users located on campus, at off campus facilities and at home.

For more information on Web conferencing, see:

  • Getting Started discusses some of the key points needed to set up a Medmeeting, accessing a meeting room, and inviting people to your meeting among other things.
  • Resources provides Headset and Webcam recommendations as well as information on the Teleconferencing Policy, and links to Training Videos.